Why Should You Leverage A Multi-Cloud Strategy?

A multi-cloud environment empowers business leaders to decide on the cloud that is best suited to the workload requirements. Organizations are turning towards it to take advantage of best-of-breed solutions to get an edge. Going multi-cloud has many things in store. It allows the selection of the services that best suit the user's needs. Its inherent flexibility helps mitigate the risk and provide access to the services the user needs, which is why the adoption rate of multi-cloud models will ramp up in the coming years. Multi-cloud allows IT leaders to choose the cloud providers they feel offer the best environment for their workload.

Some of the major decision drivers

The decision is driven by performance, availability, regulations, and costs to bring agility and minimize vendor lock-in situations. Modern applications are modular, indicating they can contact multiple cloud providers or leverage services from different clouds. Organizations want to integrate administration and monitor IT systems to manage operational control to standardize policies, procedures, and processes.

  • ROI - You can fulfill rigorous requirements to help you maximize returns on your cloud investments. Multiple clouds improve service delivery where organizations can achieve lower downtime for mission-critical services. Organizations can choose the best-in-breed services with a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Flexibility - You don’t have to compromise on your choices if you choose to go multi-cloud. You can use multiple providers that, in turn, improve vendor leverage and avoid lock-in. Organizations don't get tied to a single cloud provider's services, infrastructure, and pricing model. Multi-cloud data solutions have become critical to managing daily operations.
  • Security - You can maintain an environment that helps you to improve safety and cost-effectiveness. An organization that follows a multi-cloud strategy can improve its overall security posture as well. There is clarity on how users can authenticate data, how it flows, and where it lives. It is possible to minimize challenges from lower-security platforms into higher-security platforms.
  • Cost - You can choose the cloud provider that provides the best pricing for a particular set of capabilities that you look for. Effective planning on how you spread the workload across multiple clouds can reduce the overall costs. In case of budget constraints, you can access the latest technology as a cloud service without having to spend any up-front capital expenses. It allows you to increase your time to value as you get all the services up and running real quick.
  • Disaster Recovery - You can proactively mitigate the risks with a multi-cloud system as cloud vendors provide at least 99.5% availability as an SLA guarantee. The chances of effectively managing the disaster increases when you distribute the workload across multiple cloud networks with an SLA guarantee.

Zymr’s Multi-Cloud Services

Zymr is a leading multi-cloud services company aiming to leverage a best-of-breed hosting infrastructure environment in your organization. Our expert teams help you unlock innovation and modernize your enterprise business by advancing your cloud initiatives. Expand your business horizons with our suite of multi-cloud services to simplify the pathway to digital transformation.


We focus on quality and automation in building platforms to cover their security, reliability, and performance. Optimize on cost and operational efficiency through auto-scaling, site reliability through built-in observability.


We can help you maximize efficiency by capitalizing on the cloud-native environment with our complete set of AWS capabilities. Develop amazing apps that utilize AWS services and infrastructure.


We can help you reduce overheads, drive performance, and stay competitive in the disruptive world. Devise a strategic cloud-native roadmap that fosters your business innovation.


We leverage serverless, microservices, and containers to develop quality-rich cloud-native apps with Google Cloud. Build modern apps with end-to-end extensible tooling of GCP.


We can jumpstart your multi-cloud transformation journey to yield agility, flexibility, and scalability benefits for your business. Unlock innovation by advancing your multi-cloud initiatives with Zymr.

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