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Modern organizations thrive in the data-driven and app-centric world. The goal is to provide superior experiences to satisfy the needs of over-demanding customers. As digital transformation has taken center stage, they try not to miss a single beat in their transformation initiatives. Cloud has undoubtedly become one technology that helps them sail through the most critical business challenges. It allows them to reap cost, flexibility, and scalability benefits and helps them facilitate innovation. Cloud acts as a backbone for organizations to unlock the potential of future-gen technologies like AI, edge, IoT, AR/VR, 5G, and more. Let’s check out some of the key points that show how the cloud matters in today’s world,


Latency is a significant issue that many organizations struggle with in modern times. It involves two trends -- existing and emerging applications, and the second one is related to cloud migration. The existing and emerging applications need to be kept near the development or usage of data. Cloud migration empowers organizations to modernize their infrastructure and operations. It further enables them to manage their legacy applications that require real-time responsiveness effectively. With the cloud, organizations can deploy applications across multiple regions around the globe in just a few clicks. It provides lower latency and a superior customer experience in a cost-effective way.Lever is a San Francisco–based company that offers an applicant tracking system used by recruiters across different industries. Charlie O’Leary, Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Lever, said AWS Global Accelerator ensures that we get the best performance and lowest latency for our software, so our customers don’t lose out on hiring the candidates they want to hire.


Cloud enables organizations to convert capital expenses into variable expenses and greater cost savings, reliability, and predictability. Instead of investing heavily in data centers and servers, the cloud allows them to pay only when they consume computing resources and how much they consume them. Cloud leads to cost savings as it requires no setup investments, leads to optimal hardware utilization, and removes redundancies. The host provides maintenance services, which are included in the usage fee. Moreover, all the software updates are a part of the cloud hosting package.

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a complete line of musical instruments and audio/visual products to the U.S. market. It was spending too much time replacing hardware and handling routine maintenance tasks and too much budget on buying capacity. They migrated their production systems to AWS. It projected annual savings of $500,000 through both AWS and 2nd Watch. The savings will come from eliminating the need to buy extra capacity, better use of staff time, reduced data center and hardware costs and avoiding hiring IT staff to cope with growing management needs.


Business agility makes organizations adapt to the dynamic market conditions, build resilience, and survive the competition. Cloud computing models act as an ideal IT service solution to help them cultivate an Agile environment. As modern IT resources are much closer in the cloud environment, organizations can effectively minimize the time to make the resources available to the developers. It increases agility for the organizations as the cloud aims to lower the time and costs. With agility, organizations can take advantage of potential market opportunities quickly, deploy new distribution channels at lesser prices, and improve their profits and ROI.


Expedia Group increased agility and resiliency by going all-in on AWS. It used AWS to develop applications faster, scale to process large data volumes, and quickly troubleshoot issues. By using AWS to build a standard deployment model, development teams can quickly create the infrastructure for new initiatives.

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