Microsoft Rollouts Quantum Computing In Public Preview

Tech behemoth Microsoft has recently announced the rollout of its cloud-based platform Azure Quantum that will make quantum hardware tools accessible to the public. The platform is designed to utilize quantum software, hardware, and tools from partners such as 1Qloud, Honeywell, Quantum Circuits, and IONQ, to offer what they are claiming to be “some of the most diverse and compelling quantum resources available.”Azure Quantum can now be leveraged by developers, researchers, customers, and more to create solutions from the latest innovations with known tools in one of the most trusted public clouds. Techcrunch noted that “The transition to Public Preview of Azure Quantum is a key milestone for quantum computing and our ecosystem,” writes Krysta Svore, the GM of Microsoft Quantum. Get To Know Microsoft Azure Quantum Better - Exploring The Platform’s Security, Collaboration, Learnings, And More The quantum hardware tool is crucial for breaking with typical binary compute operations to solve challenging problems. In the coming years, organizations are expected to use it to figure out issues related to domains across health, finance, and logistics. Microsoft offers its open-source Quantum Development Kit, which uses the Q# quantum programming language. It’s also possible to create jobs on Azure Quantum using the Python SDK.Microsoft offers its open-source Quantum Development Kit, which uses the Q# quantum programming language. It’s also possible to create jobs on Azure Quantum using the Python SDK.Azure Quantum allows and facilitates businesses to develop and deploy powerful solutions with scalability in place. It assists in capitalizing on the power of quantum computing and making the most out of innovations. Azure Quantum has diversified quantum resources available accumulated from thought leaders. The goal is to create a one-stop for developers for the software and hardware resources that are indispensable to developing quantum apps. Apps related to research for diseases like cancer, managing risks, optimizing logistics, and freight are already leveraging Azure Quantum to impact the technology sphere. As per Microsoft, the unified Azure Quantum ecosystem can boost R&D processes by providing quick access to,

  • Quantum software and hardware solutions,
  • A network of quantum researchers and developers,
  • Resource library,
  • Flexible self-service,
  • Customized development programs.

“With Azure Quantum Public Preview, we’re opening up the technology to the broader ecosystem,” Julie Love, senior director at Microsoft Quantum, told ZDNet. “Quantum computing research is enabled in Azure Quantum by a rich set of tools ranging from the QDK and the Q# programming language for quantum,” said Love.Honeywell and IonQ developed quantum computers that are included in Azure Quantum. It emerged as the latest step in the commercialization of quantum computing to solve challenges beyond conventional machines' capabilities. Microsoft has invested decades into research to bring out the best from the quantum stack layers like software, apps, devices, and controls.Forward-looking organizations can boost their development lifecycle with Azure Quantum. It can help them get the most out of the latest optimization technologies provided by Microsoft and its partners. It would be easier for everyone to get in touch with world-leading experts in quantum innovators' dynamic community. Quantum Development Kit (QDK) with Q# Quantum programming language safeguards the development investments by integrating with advances or progresses in quantum systems. Moreover, the new Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR) will act as a common open-source interface between languages and target quantum computation platforms. The Agile resource library with a plethora of learning materials and samples can help everyone hone their skills in quantum computing and optimization. Embarking on the quantum journey means leaving all the security concerns behind as the data is secured on the trusted public cloud. The Pay-as-you-go model and scalability make it even more appealing. Organizations can experience the flexibility and decide from self-service development or customized development services with the Enterprise Acceleration Program. While you are here, you can check out Zymr’s expertise in Azure services. We accelerated the enhancement of an Azure-based Logistics ERP System for a Fortune-500 European Event & Logistics Management Enterprise. Our proficiency in building digital platforms and core competency in the Microsoft ™ full-stack technologies help our client develop a high-performing digital platform.Zymr Can Help You Achieve The Most From Your Cloud Infrastructure With AzureAzure fosters unprecedented innovation through its hybrid capabilities, boosts your trust in the cloud, and makes you future-ready. Experience our Microsoft Azure cloud services to ensure innovation and interoperability. Improve automation, mitigate risk, and seamlessly connect multiple environments. Get the most out of Azure with our high-expertise in delivering innovative solutions and a holistic set of cloud services.


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