How Can Cloud Computing Technology Maximize Your Business Benefits?

The latest Gartner’s report states that the market of cloud tech services will be worth a whopping $206 billion in 2019, and 90% of the organizations will use cloud computing services by 2022. These figures justify all the hype that follows the cloud industry. While every business is going cloud, this thriving technology is yet to be explored to the fullest.Traditional ways of business have disappeared into thin air. Industry 4.0 is coupled with a multitude of technologies that can potentially disrupt the entire business landscape for good, and cloud technology is one of them. Cloud computing is the most important and promising technology of this era. The concerns related to the cloud are no more limited to ‘why to use’ but ‘how to use’ i.e., how to deploy the cloud technology effectively to maximize the business benefits.

How to maximize your benefits with cloud computing?

The paradigm shift with cloud technology has unlocked several doors. These doors involve opportunities that can help you tap the untapped business potential. Below-mentioned is the list of a few points that can help you understand the benefits by deploying cloud computing.Focus more on APIs as they play a pivotal role in the cloud strategy.Cloud software apps facilitate APIs through which the cloud-based apps can interact with one another. As cloud-platforms are API-driven, the outstanding characteristics of APIs can accelerate the cloud’s overall flexibility.PaaS APIs provide access to various features of cloud-based services, whereas the SaaS APIs streamline the connection between cloud-based software and system infrastructure. IaaS APIs, on the other hand, manage the resources lying in the cloud-based services.The future of cloud computing seems bright, with a strategic API strategy. By playing a quintessential role in the cloud, the advantages of API integrations range from robust automation and the creation of new products to remaining relevant in the market.Make sure your cloud strategy is synchronized with your business needs.Cloud computing works on the pay-as-you-go model, which is cost-effective. However, factors like excess capacity, unused capacity, and over-provisioning can affect adversely. While migrating to the cloud-based apps, computation, processing, or servers, you need to ensure that the capacity conforms to your business needs.Frequent audits can help in understanding the app’s storage requirements. Adequate cloud capacity not only curbs the costs but also leads to optimal usage of it. It can be ascertained by either using a cloud billing tool or through cloud resiliency, cost assessments, and right-size cloud instance. An effectively deployed cloud can be your resource and financial savior.Implement responsive cloud apps for mobile users.In the mobile-centric era with the mobile-first approach, the concept of mobility is thriving. Mobile phone users are brimming at an unprecedented rate. These users must be taken into consideration with every initiative that a company makes. By coming under the influence of the cloud, it becomes ‘cloud mobility.’With cloud apps not being platform-specific, connections can be made across multiple platforms. Responsive design for cloud-apps can make out the user’s screen size as well as orientation. Thus it can automatically adjust according to the user’s layout real quick. It ultimately enhances the UI and UX.Train your team on how to deploy cloud effectively and utilizing its potential.There is a difference between deployment and effective deployment. Though the cloud may not be a relatively newer concept for your team, yet, there might be some misconceptions on how to deploy it lucratively to reap the possible benefits. Cloud migration has an impact on the cloud migration team.As the cloud is adopted at a soaring rate, there is a dire need to hire qualified cloud architects and engineers. Moreover, there is a talent-gap in the cloud industry. With frequent training sessions, acquaintance with the latest trends of the industry, and attending workshops, your team can hone essential skills and make the most out of this substantial move.Are you ready to accelerate quality-driven results with our cloud-centric services?Our cloud solutions incorporate cloud applications, cloud mobility, cloud orchestration, cloud infrastructure, cloud security, and cloud analytics/AI. Apart from CloudTech, we also have our expertise in varied different verticals viz. HeathTech, FinTech, RetailTech, SocialTech, and ShareTech.Our technology practices encompass the development with the full-stack developers, cloud operations, quality engineering, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and UX/UI.Take your business dominance a notch higher with our cloud solutions, product engineering, and consulting services. Contact our team today!


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