Digital Health In The Post-COVID World

The push toward digital has brought radical changes in the healthcare domain. Digital health has become the cornerstone of the developed healthcare system across the globe. Especially in the post-pandemic world, it has become evident how digital health has helped everyone in the quarantined phase. We all want to rely on digital health now more than ever for ourselves and our loved ones.

“According to Statista, the global digital health market should reach nearly 660 billion dollars by 2025. Digital health has grown miraculously due to hassle-free access, strong uptake, favorable stakeholders perception, and rapid, tangible investment. And, this is just the beginning. There is a lot more to it”.

Digital healthcare solutions can centralize information, develop and execute personalized patient journeys, share patient information across various platforms, facilitate continuity of patient care, simplify bookings, aid in medical research and development, and motivate patients toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Future Of Healthcare Is Now: Digital Health In The Post-COVID World

Digital health offered a bridge to care during the pandemic due to its quick access to care. It has helped the healthcare industry to transition into healthtech. In the last couple of years, investment in virtual care has increased manifold, which further fuels innovation in the health industry. Location-agnostic care has a long way to go. Healthcare leaders of today and tomorrow have accelerated their time, efforts, and investment to prioritize innovation. They aspire to a healthcare future that puts humans at the heart of everything they undertake.Telehealth has reshaped the healthcare experience during the abrupt shift toward social distancing restrictions. Language barriers caused inequity and refrained patients from contacting the care providers. Digital health entities need to include multiple language inclusion in their technology platforms as various language offerings can solve disparities in digital health. IoT is an important digital health trend due to the massive adoption of cloud technology and mobile apps. Medical IoT provides various benefits that include remote monitoring, better convenience, lower costs for patients and hospitals.

Zymr’s HealthTech Services

Experience unmatched data mobility and enable collaborative patient care with our HealthTech solutions. We provide full-stack cloud-ready solutions that address organization-wide requirements and reporting needs. We empower healthcare institutions to deliver the best possible patient care.


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