Critical Cloud Security Pillars That Can Make Or Break Your Business

Going cloud has successfully pivoted from good-to-have to must-have. As advantages are often coupled with risks, so is the case with the cloud. Cloud security has become a hot topic among corporate entities. The global cloud security software market is expected to reach approximately 37 billion U.S. dollars by 2026, says Statista. There is no denying that any organization can achieve the most robust stature against cloud threats if there are solid security measures in place. There are two critical security challenges an organization may struggle with when moving to a cloud environment -- safely accessing services in the cloud and extending the organizational security policies to the cloud. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the critical pillars of cloud security that you can use to secure your cloud.

  • Identity Access Management (IAM) And Authentication

Secure access control is one of the essential pillars of robust cloud security. You need to understand that a practical security framework begins with executing secure IAM protocols. It is crucial to ensure that your employees can only access those critical IT assets to perform their jobs to avoid unwanted access. Moreover, authentication levels required to get access need to increase with increasing privileges. It is challenging to manage various privileged users with access to many confidential resources.

  • Zero-Trust Network Security Controls

Security experts believe that Zero Trust Network or Zero Trust Architecture can minimize data breaches. It is suggested that you keep your significant assets in isolated portions of the cloud network. You can bifurcate secure workloads from the others that do not need data security protocols to manage them properly. That way, you can enforce strong security policies where they are required the most. Zero trust minimizes organizational risk, provides access control over the cloud and container environments, reduces data breach risks, and aids compliance initiatives.

  • Host Defense And Visibility

You should use host-based protection like anti-spyware and host intrusion prevention system software to harden the virtual machine, which can be supported with web content filtering and host log monitoring capabilities. An additional protection layer to secure network infrastructure and workloads can offer authentication and authorization. It must be noted that security efforts and approaches need to be consistent, fully transparent, and operationally convenient for holistic and sustainable protection.

  • Encryption And Data Protection

The data in the transit state is highly susceptible to malicious activities, thus making it difficult to safeguard such data. It is advisable to strictly adhere to security protocols across the environment where data is held, used, or transmitted. Encrypt data at every transport layer to strengthen data security and encrypt whenever it’s needed at the data, workload, and transport levels. Along with encryption, you need network solution-based control, which acts as an additional protection layer.

  • Change Management

You can use cloud security providers' change management protocols to manage changes and fulfill compliance controls. They can be used to request a change, provision a new server, or make changes to a sensitive asset. Change management apps give auditing functionality that helps you keep an eye on anomalies and deviations from the desired protocol. It can help you better investigate the issue and even trigger automatic mitigation to solve it.


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