CEOs Leadership Focus - How Leaders Are Embracing A Continuous Transformation Mindset

“CEOs are optimistic about the year ahead, expecting strong growth fueled by innovation and pent-up consumer demand. Key to achieving their growth goals will be an intense focus on sustaining the momentum of their digital transformations, as well as optimizing new workplace models to attract and retain a world-class workforce. All things tech and talent will dominate the CEO agenda throughout 2021 and beyond.” — Joe Ucuzoglu, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte USChallenged by the global pandemic, the c-suite leaders look forward to a positive future rather than grinding through the present. They strive to bridge the gap between capability and execution to foster the culture of continuous transformation in their organizations. CEOs are realizing the need to adopt progressive strategies to accelerate their digital goals, so the focus is on building the foundation with inventive and pragmatic ways to become resilient. This mindset helps them adapt to drive digital value, tech shifts and increase technological acumen. Let’s look at the top 3 points that are on the top of the mind of the CEOs.

  • Driving change -- Ramp up the innovation capabilities to spur business growth

CEOs will try to unlock innovation potential by hiring the right pool of talent and using state-of-the-art technologies. Innovation acts as a pervasive growth driver to business revival and honing the digital edge. The goal is to create a culture with a shared vision, best-in-class skill-set, and empathetic leadership to support innovative capabilities. The organizational environment should propagate thinking outside the box and encourage teams to have an intrapreneurial mindset. A growth blueprint can be prepared that lays out innovation goals and guidelines. They need to keep up with the constant ongoing evolution to adapt to a continuously changing reality to future-proof the organization.

  • Looking forward - Investment in digital transformation to build digital resilience

CEOs are pivoting toward investments in digital capabilities to emerge stronger out of the modern era. To drive digital growth ambitions, they aspire to use cutting-edge technologies to manage business models and stakeholders' expectations. When done right, technology can be effectively harnessed to propel creativity and deploy innovative plans faster. There is intense pressure to strengthen digital transformation projects through investments. Hence, the focus is on becoming nimble to adopt digital transformation trends rapidly. This move towards digital resilience and innovation requires CEOs to capitalize on dynamic market conditions. Imbibing a cloud-first mindset for digital transformation will gain momentum to build resilience in the future. Digital transformation requires rethinking how the work is done, who accomplishes it, and how users experience it.

  • Galvanizing workforce - Making the human capital more Agile

CEOs see empathetic leadership as a critical management capability to support and connect with their employees. As it’s all about people, the pandemic has taught the importance of instilling a culture of agility and innovation to propagate the environment of continuous transformation. Making the workforce Agile in the face of relentless change is critical to spurring growth. Organizational structures should be capable of upskilling the existing talent and attracting diverse talent. The leaders need to reimagine the talent strategy to attain agility and continuous transformation goals while creating a world-class workforce. Additionally, they would prioritize developing a collaborative working environment with virtual workrooms and collaboration tools to improve employee satisfaction.

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