Celebrating A Decade Of My Professional Growth At Zymr

It is that time of the year when I like to take a step back to reminisce about the period that marked the beginning of my career. I must say that this retrospection makes me feel incredibly overwhelmed by how fast time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday, but it has been a decade of togetherness in reality. The day I met Mr. Jay Kumbhani, who offered me my first job, is a vivid memory that would never fade away.It was just another sunny day when I started at Zymr. I was a curious freshman straight out of college with big dreams in my eyes and a burning desire to make a mark in the professional world when I began my journey with Zymr back in 2010. I remember being ecstatic to kickstart my professional journey, and a warm and friendly welcome from the team made my day even more fulfilling. Talented artisans surrounded me, and it did not take long for me to realize that I was a part of something super big. Initially, my goal was to pursue a master’s degree after gaining adequate corporate exposure. It was the thrill and challenges Zymr kept rolling in my direction though, which compelled me to continue my professional journey with this company.Here I am now, ten years and counting, navigating my journey under the excellent mentorship of gifted leaders who share a similar vision—striving as the leader of cloud technology. Zymr has evolved with time, just as I have. Having started my career as a Java Developer to now being the Associate Director of Engineering, together, Zymr and I have come a long way.I was one of the team members who worked on developing breakthrough products for clients when Zymr was known as Apprika. After four successful years of operation, the company decided to change its path to become service-based to provide end-to-end product engineering solutions. Thus began my new journey to get exposure to some of the freshest experiences coupled with cutting-edge tools and technologies. It is truly awe-inspiring to note how Zymr has always welcomed all the innovative ideas that my teammates and I keep bringing to the table.I have collaborated with several global clients and seized numerous opportunities in a fast-paced startup culture. It was 2015 when I traveled abroad for an onsite project for almost seven months and got hands-on experience on emerging technologies and modern frameworks growing tremendously at that time. My job roles at Zymr kept evolving within the company, which helped me hone my skill-set and speed up my learning curve. I’ve interacted with some of the brightest minds so far who continue to inspire me to commit to excellence. Life at Zymr has not only been about joy. It has taught me many experiences that included failures and setbacks. I faced some rough times when I couldn’t deliver the best of my capability and match the deadline I promised, which taught me valuable lessons. Those times showed me that rough times are a part of our lifecycle, and we have to find the best way to deal with them if we want to succeed. And that’s how I learned to turn failures into learning opportunities. With time, the bond that Zymr and I share got more profound, and my commitment, hard work, and results got me promoted to a project as the lead. I started with three members to develop state-of-the-art products while going the extra mile to delight our customers. My team size grew, and so did my management and interpersonal skills. The leadership team at Zymr empowered me to think outside the box. This opportunity brought out my leadership skills and shaped me to work with the team as their captain. We strived together towards fulfilling the shared vision of the global dominance of the cloud space. I love how progressive and proactive the company is, as I’ve been part of the creative process to get to the core of who we are as an organization. It has been a pleasure for me to recommend Zymr to other professionals, and I look forward to continuing to do so.As a parting note, I would like to thank every ZYMRIAN who has added significant value in making my story successful, inspiring, and worth sharing.



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