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We are living in the era of “Digital Transformation”. The world is digitally evolving by every passing second as “Change” is the only constant. With a lot of advent in the IT industry, the domain is indeed brimming with various disruptive technologies and the ultimate beneficiary here is “the end customer”, who is getting a variety of stuff to choose from.

55.1% of the world's population has internet access and the android users have around 3.8 million apps available with them to choose from, while Apple's app store remained the second-largest app store with almost 2 million available apps, the stats are sufficient to explain everything about their potential. By 2021, it is predicted that the total app downloads number will jump to a sparkling figure of 352 billion, and the mobile app market is all set to achieve 385% growth rate, these are some future projections on how pertinent mobile apps have become in our lives lately.

If we talk about the past, so as per the stats, the total number of Android app downloads in 2015 was around 50 billion. While in 2016, it was closer to 90 billion. In 2017, it was almost near to 197 billion. If we talk about 2018, the figures can make you go awestruck, it has roughly crossed the 250 billion mark. This shows how we are getting addicted to mobile business apps.

After going through the above paragraphs, it will not be a shocker to anyone of us that why today so many companies are resorting to mobile apps, not just to boost their sales but they are also very well utilizing these apps for driving their branding efforts and marketing campaigns. We regularly come across different apps for our different needs in our daily lives. There can be a variety of purposes to choose an app, rather than searching and exploring through the website. Google play store has almost all apps available with a prodigious figure of 2.8 million.

Companies are earning in billions of dollar through their own apps by making the experiences of their customers streamlined.

Below mentioned are the few renowned examples for the same:

  • E-commerce: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay,
  • Cosmetics: h&g, L'Oréal,
  • Food: Pizza Hut, McD, Starbucks
  • Financial Organizations: Bank of America, JPMorgan, Shinhan Bank, DSP, Nippon, Citi bank, MetLife
  • Conveyance: Uber, Ola, Qatar
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr
  • Groceries: Walmart, Grofers, Spencer’s, ZopNow, RedMart
  • Knowledge: Wikipedia, Quora, Investopedia, Financial Times, Money Control
  • Entertainment: Netflix, HBO, CW

Let’s hop on to a few key pointers how mobile app development helps:

  • Better Visibility to your Clientele Base

With the help of your own app, there would be better visibility of your brand among your clients, you can interact in a better way. As the entire space will be yours, you can add a variety of features, that can boost your sales by minimizing the hassles which customers face while buying any product or service via a website, you can make their experience more delightful. The interface is also very user-friendly in case of an app. As an application is always just a click away, while accessing a site through a browser is many clicks away.

Today, “out of sight is out of mind”, so establishing, maintaining and retaining the brand image among the potential customers as well the engaging the existing customers are a must. The mobile apps provide better-personalized experience to the users. And, 2018 will be like the 10th anniversary for the entire mobile app ecosystem.

  • One of the best Marketing mediums that can boost Brand Image and Recognition

After visibility, there comes another point which holds a huge importance to corporates. Companies are spending extravagantly nowadays on building their brand image and recognition. Building your own app can definitely boost this goal. You can get the latest information about campaigns, updates, newsletters and so on. Customer loyalty automatically increases when they have your mobile app on their phone.

Mobile e-commerce growth will reach 73% of all e-commerce sales industry by the year 2021 and in synchronization with that, today the relevance of mobile marketing is also increasing at a great pace.

But the irony is only 51% of companies are interested in knowing their customer engagement efforts and return on investment (ROI) of their businesses, which should not be the case the figure should be closer to 100%.

  • More Customer Engagement through a wide variety of Features

“Customer Engagement” can be meticulously possible through the mobile app. With a chatbot or a proper helpdesk, you can solve the concerns of your valuable customers in real time. An App provides better UX/UI (User experience and user interface) to the customers, hence it can be developed with a variety of advanced functions like tap, swipe, drag, pinch, hold etc. The speed is also faster in an app than a browser. One distinct feature is while browser will definitely needing an internet connection, but some apps can run offline also like Kiwix, Dictionary, Amazon Kindle, Colour note etc.

Stats show 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and if not then they will switch to other websites, and 38% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available. So, it is very crucial to keep customers happy, the app is very much suggested to retain the customers, as they will not going to divert to some other source.

  • Outperforming the Peers and Potential Competitors

Building your own mobile app is definitely a part of “progressive thinking” and is a “proactive approach” indeed. It will create an impact in the minds of the customers that you are a forward-looking company. The navigation will also be very simpler with a mobile app. As 57% internet users rightly said, they will not recommend such company to anyone if it has an unsystematic and badly designed website.

As per Twitter:

Mobile app icons are similar to innovative ad-banners, they have the ability to tempt and lure the audience, they are also a distinctive feature too.
  • More Handy and Feasible to users

With an application, the transactions definitely will be very much easier to proceed. Also, it will be very handy and less cumbersome. The page loading issues on the website as well as chances of occurring errors are more on websites. An average user uses around 3 applications a day and more than 20 applications a month, which show the inclination is more towards apps than using the website.

51% of mobile internet users accepted they’ve faced crashing, freezing, or an error on a website and these issues actually affect your online traffic and it can increase the bounce rate, (which ideally should be very low) which is hazardous for any company’s marketing efforts and its online visibility.

  • Better Feedback and Instant Action for improvement

Every time, when the company is making any kind of changes in the app, it will be showed in “what’s new” section. You can get to know about the new features, updates and bug fixing done by the company if any. You can also comment about your experience and usability of the app, this can enlighten the company on their actions, also the feedback will go hand in hand with each and every update. Constructive feedbacks help the organization to improve and grow.

Above pointers have made it clear, that there are myriad advantages of having our own business application in this cutthroat competitive era. However, considering the complexity and relevance of the subject matter, it is suggested to take the help of a third party for your mobile app development goal. As this requires in-depth analyses, domain expertise and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence altogether. A perfect app should offer a wide variety of features but at the same time it should occupy less storage space, so it won’t be like a burden to the user.

All these are not possible to achieve if we try to fulfill the goal with internal IT team of our own company. Outsourcing is hence preferable here. Artificial Intelligence has now started acting as an inbuilt feature in all these mobile apps but with varied extent. As per Deloitte, 65% of mobile phone holders have used an app with some extent of Artificial Intelligence inbuilt in it, though they didn’t realize it.

We at Zymr, provide a full stack of solutions for all your business needs. Our dedicated team with hardcore IT expertise and knowledge will help you with an excellent mobile app development. Cloud Application and Cloud Mobility are two core services provided by Zymr. If we talk about, why you should rely on us, then it is our privilege in informing you that Zymr has been nominated among the best mobile app development companies for 2017 and 2018 consecutively by BusinessofApps. So, Consult Zymr today and wave goodbye to all your IT nuisances.


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