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DevOps plays a predominant role to fast-track the growth of cutting-edge companies that are looking forward to accelerating agility and business velocity. DevOps matters as no business can thrive in hyperconnected markets without collaborative efforts. Technology innovations that are skyrocketing the popularity of DevOps make the year 2024 sound promising. DevOps isn’t a passing trend, but a vehicle for value transformation to keep up the pace with a rapidly-shifting marketplace. Enterprises are turning towards DevOps services as innovations push developers to fast track speed, productivity, and transparency. Modern IT industry will witness automation, microservices, continuous testing, and CI/CD processes as some of the major trends that will take the corporate landscape to a whole new level. Let’s jump in and check out the trends that will change the DevOps paradigm in 2024.

DevOps Trends and Predictions for 2024

#1 Injecting automation in DevOps pipeline and cycle.

‘Automate everything’ is the core principle of DevOps. Professionals keep a keen eye on the set of practices that accelerate development in a reliable manner. Automation begins with a code generation on the developers’ machines until the code is pushed to the code. And even after that in order to monitor the system that is in production. DevOps pipeline viz. continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment, application performance monitoring in live are all set to be automated. It is imperative to understand the 6 C’s of the DevOps cycle viz. Continuous Business Planning, Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Monitoring, and Customer Feedback and Optimization. To apply automation in between these stages is the biggest objective in 2024. DevOps automation is getting momentum where zero-touch automation seems to be the future as staying ahead of the competition is difficult without automation.

#2 A drastic shift from monolithic to microservices architecture.

Monoliths are non-scalable and complex. As time goes by, complexities increase manifold, and bugs become difficult to fix. Making changes in a monolith can aggravate vulnerabilities within apps and negatively impact release time. Microservices comes to the rescue by breaking applications into small components, where every application has its own microservice to simplify release and roll-backs. Microservices fit perfectly when enterprises scale at a tremendous pace for which they need to reduce the complexity of applications. CI/CD tools along with automation can simplify the transition to microservices. To streamline the transition, communication with the team is critical if microservices are used with manual deployments. Enterprises can tackle customer demand without any disruptions that otherwise would have occurred with monolithic. (Read More - Top DevOps Trends you Shouldn’t Miss in 2024)

#3 The flare of serverless architecture.

Serverless architecture takes DevOps to a whole new level by helping enterprises save time, minimizing costs, and ensuring operational resilience. DevOps services drive serverless computing as there is no need to run apps and machines. Serverless provides better scalability, quick deployments, and faster innovation. In 2020, along with the efficiency of serverless computing, FaaS industry size will soar high as BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) and FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) are crucial in a serverless architecture. GitOps will gain a lot of traction. Kubernetes will become the go-to serverless system by acting as a base for serverless infrastructure along with features like networking, Agile scaling, service discovery, and multi-cloud environment support.

#4 Role of artificial intelligence in DevOps evolution.

By 2020, AI and ML will expedite the pace of digital transformation. Corporate giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix use Artificial Intelligence to seamlessly manage large datasets generated by DevOps teams. Accelerate business performance by automating the recurring process and procedures in DevOps using AI and ML. AI can enhance data accessibility, improve efficiency, and promote effective resource usage in DevOps. Identify the weaklings that are prone to human errors and replace them with AI to overcome bottlenecks, and minimize the testing time. Enterprises first need to establish a strong DevOps infrastructure to apply AI and ML which later helps DevOps teams to focus more on innovation and withstand operational inefficiencies.

#5 DevSecOps to strengthen the security posture.

DevSecOps or security in DevOps that aims to strengthen the overall security posture will be prioritized. By ensuring that every step of the software development process is secure, security is thoroughly implemented throughout the delivery process. Vulnerabilities that exist in the development lifecycle may lead to data breaches, data theft, cyberattacks, and other issues. Access control policies, process analysis, and security tools make sure that the end-users do not have to deal with vulnerabilities. DevSecOps detects, resolves, and eliminates these vulnerabilities and errors. As DevSecOps involves a cultural shift, make sure there is an appropriate action plan that is sound with tools that are capable of DevSecOps.To ConcludeAs we have seen above, DevOps trends 2020 has a vital role to play in the industry as developers thrive under constant stress to come up with innovative ideas. Developers need tools, technologies, and resources to identify product-market fit and stay updated on delivering and creating business value. Gone are the days of over-engineering and one-size-fits-all solutions. In 2020, enterprises will focus on continuous integration and continuous delivery to assist developers in accelerating their workflows incrementally. Any enterprise that wants to automate DevOps has to first decide either buying or building a custom AI/ML layer. After establishing a strong DevOps infrastructure, AI/ML is deployed to increase efficiency and help teams to focus on innovation which in turn results in automated enhancement and increased efficiency. DevSecOps will strengthen the overall security posture. DevOps and DevOps service providers have a lot more to witness in 2024 and beyond.


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