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Seamlessly develop cloud infrastructure with our backend expertise to expedite your cloud adoption.
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Our Backend Competencies

With Zymr you can


We develop ‌a highly‌ ‌resilient‌ ‌architecture that improves latency, brings transparency, and enhances flexibility with our serverless services.


We leverage .NET services and frameworks to accelerate the development of your secured, structured, and scalable applications.


Bolster your business acumen with an extensive focus on planning by succinctly defining epics and user stories. Most digital transformation strategies result in a healthy backlog of projects that must orchestrate correctly.

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We offer architecture expertise that will serve you well with proven design patterns and processes for each unique solution.

Enterprise Architects

We help you develop a pragmatic digital platform engineering roadmap. Our enterprise architects aim to thoroughly align the architecture strategies with our client's tactical goals while injecting a bottom-up innovation into their products.

Digital Businesses

Industry Experience

We define our platform architectures by industry-specific domain expertise. Our architects ensure that the architectures align with clients' industrial ontology, protocols, workflows, and compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC-2, GDPR, etc.

To Serve - Digital Business

SME Pooling

Trust our intellectuals to leverage any unique client project with extensive subject-matter expertise. We empower our product engineering teams with architectural decisions, from choosing databases to design patterns, security, testing, and automation.

To Serve - Global Enterprises

Strategic Value Add

We continue to document and refine our learnings from various projects in the Books of Knowledge (BoKs). These BoKs enable our teams lay the proper architectural foundation that becomes vital for strategic advantages over a long period of time.



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