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Reimagine Legacy Infrastructure. Embrace Modern Technologies. Win In Cloud Environment. Unlock Business Value. 

Bring the core legacy IT infrastructure to life — Partner with Zymr to unlock the app’s potential, embrace the digital future, and gear up for tomorrow.

Our Application Modernization Services
Enterprise Cloud Strategy And Consultation

Jumpstart your goal-oriented modernization journey to prepare your business for the digital world. Leverage our strategic consultation and cloud capabilities to fine-tune your modernization app portfolio, integrate mission-critical environments, and DevOps transformation to realize your IT architecture goals.

  • Maximize flexibility and minimize risks associated with legacy apps.
  • Streamline the integration of new functionalities and management of multiple tech platforms.
  • Modernize app portfolio to accelerate transformation journey.
  • Experience the latest tech stack to stay at the forefront.

Partner with Zymr for Legacy application modernization, data, and IT systems to maintain your critical business workflows. Our technical wizards will guide you throughout the journey.

Accelerate innovation, drive revenue growth, and meet your business goals with cloud-native apps. Build a visionary organization with the help of an intelligent business suite of cloud-based apps from the base to achieve robustness, security, and growth further. Future-proof your business to combat market challenges and develop top-notch cloud-native apps to embrace digital transformation.

  • Modernize mission-critical apps and accelerate cloud-native journeys.
  • Develop and deploy cloud-native apps to get a competitive advantage.
  • Our domain-driven-design helps you build highly scalable apps.
  • Experience Microservices, Containers, Dynamic Orchestration, and CD.

Achieve cloud-native maturity and experience enhanced DevOps efficiency, speed, and agility in the face of transforming market realities. Win big in the cloud-native landscape.

Take a plunge into the cloud universe by moving apps to an Agile and elastic environment. Seamlessly transition your data, apps, infrastructure, or APIs to the cloud with our migration services. We leverage new-age technologies to ensure efficiency and business continuity. We help you overcome the infrastructure redundancies to take your business to new heights.

  • Experience our future-gen migration solutions that unlock value.
  • Accelerate innovation and boost ROI by driving efficiency.
  • Get your migration requirements and existing infrastructure needs well-assessed.
  • Get tangible business results that propel business growth.

Make your migrations hassle-free. Transfer your legacy apps or entire legacy app portfolios to the cloud to experience rich functionality, agility, and flexibility at full speed.

Leverage our extensive experience, latest tech stack, and modern tools to realize app’s potential. Embrace automation, DevOps, and CI/CD to revolutionize existing systems and legacy apps. Zymr strongly emphasizes the latest trends in DevOps and CI/CD. Our modern programming platforms can help you redefine business models without disrupting your existing workflow.

  • Build CI/CD pipelines, automate deployment, and deliver real-time results.
  • Fast-track the delivery of your product with CI/CD and data intelligence.
  • Serve your end-users better with end-to-end automation.
  • Bridge the gap between development and operations to drive growth.

Accelerate development, integration, and orchestration of digital components on the go. Zymr can help you act smarter, collaborate faster, and deliver better to amplify your performance.

Leverage our end-to-end UI/UX services to enhance the look and feel of your app. Gain competitive advantage with an amazing UI/UX-rich app that revives existing IT assets’ user-facing components. We ensure that the newly modified system offers seamless access to information with exquisite experiences. Embark on a UI/UX modernization journey with Zymr.

  • Multiply your user interaction, amplify the engagement, and boost ROI.
  • Develop comprehensive information architecture and ontology.
  • We focus on wireframes, hi-res visual design, interactive mockups, and advanced UX tools.
  • Streamline and refine interaction between you and your end-users.

Zymr’s UX/UI modernization services can help you enhance your business performance, boost security, and improve UX, all while lowering the operational risks.

Accelerate innovation, enhance efficiency, and refine products with AI-powered app modernization services. Increase your productivity by analyzing the app components, plan a strategic move of the legacy apps to the cloud, and ensure that the app’s working fine on the new server environment leveraging the analytical and AI capabilities. Great things are bound to happen with AI-powered modernization.

  • Detailed forecasting, data mining, and rich text analysis.
  • Always-on services with data literacy competencies.
  • A robust portfolio of data-focused tools and technologies.
  • The one-stop destination for all your analytics product needs.

Amazing things are bound to happen when Artificial Intelligence meets Human Curiosity. Fast-track critical decision-making and accelerate business value with Zymr.

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Case Studies

Value Delivered

AI, Machine Learning And Big Data Orchestration

Zymr created an Agile development process which facilitated rapid testing and continuous improvement and built a comprehensive, modern, and responsive enterprise UI for Hadoop-as-a-Service.

Amazon-Smile Like E-Commerce Donation Platform

Zymr developed a robust, responsive, and scalable FinTech platform to facilitate social-giving and implemented a responsive Web UI and the corresponding frontend and backend services to facilitate Charity-as-a-Service.

Let’s Work Together
Case Studies
What Our Clients Say
Rini Singh

Mozzaz has relied on Zymr to be its solid development partner for the past several years. They have helped us build our enterprise Digital Healthcare platform used by premier healthcare organizations worldwide

Rini Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Mozzaz
John Ayers

Zymr took on the challenge to rapidly implement security device models for 50+ enterprise networking products, such as Cisco, F5, Okta, Aruba, Crowdstrike, Checkpoint, etc., for our SIEM solution.

John Ayers EVP Product Management, Nuspire
Shyam Maddali

We have been working with Zymr to enhance our financial risk assessment platform for the past several years with the highest quality and agility and manage billions of dollars of payments secure from fraud.

Shyam Maddali Senior Director of Engineering, WePay/Chase
Sameer Padhye

Zymr leveraged deep competencies to build a highly scalable, cloud-native architecture for our AIOps analytics platform. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and agile product engineering.

Sameer Padhye CEO and Founder, FixStream Networks
Ameesh Divatia

Zymr worked with us to accelerate our security orchestration product development and successfully launched it on AWS. We are impressed by their commitment and on-time delivery.

Ameesh Divatia Founder/CEO, Baffle, Inc.
William Vo

Zymr helped with AWS cloud-native architecture and brought the Agile development discipline to build from concept a comprehensive FinTech solution for the US Chapter-11 Corporate Bankruptcy Management platform.

William Vo Director of Engineering, Stretto
Kamlesh Mehta

Zymr has assisted us to deliver the full power and rich analytics of Virsec directly into a customer’s preferred platform.

Kamlesh Mehta SVP Engineering, Virsec

Why Zymr

Partner With Us

Zymr is a leading app modernization services company. We are your strategic partner in accelerating your roadmap through our full-stack Agile software development services.

Automation-First Approach

Our automation-first mindset, substantial industry exposure, and domain knowledge empower us to deliver services at a quick turnaround time with zero latency.

End-To-End Solutions

Our suite of modernization services includes re-platforming, re-hosting, rearchitecting, re-engineering, and interoperability of the app architecture.

Proven Methodologies

We have a proven track record in full-stack technologies to help you develop top-notch cloud-native apps and modernize legacy apps.

Modern Tech Stack

Our experts possess hands-on and collaborative experience in AWS, Azure, and GCP, helping us stay at the forefront on an innovative technical stack.

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