Revamp Your Ui/UX for Customer-Centric and Accessible Design

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Businesses are continuously seeking ways to improve their digital offerings through progressive disclosure, micro-interactions, emotional design, and conversational interfaces. Thus, refreshing the UI/UX feels like a logical step in the process. Decision-makers across industries are brainstorming over UI/UX strategies that would help simplify user experiences, ensure frictionless user journeys and make designs more role-specific.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore how aesthetic simplicity, data-driven UX and mobile optimization can enhance the appeal and relevance of your digital offerings. It is important to shape our efforts to ensure an informed and seamless user journey. Therefore in this webinar, we will discuss how companies can rethink their UI/UX to leverage user data, foster interconnectivity, and meet users where they are instead of forcing them into specific devices and ecosystems.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the importance of interconnected products and services and gain insights into breaking down silos for frictionless, cross-domain user experiences.
  • Learn how simplifying your UI/UX design can lead to more user-friendly and intuitive digital experiences
  • Uncover the role of data in optimizing user experiences and learn how to use data-driven insights
  • Understand how tailoring products to different user roles and unique needs can result in more engaged and satisfied users.
  • Get practical tips for optimizing your digital presence for mobile users, ensuring your audience has a seamless experience on all devices.

Key Presenter

With Zymr you can

Haresh Kumbhani

CTO, Zymr

Haresh Kumbhani, CTO, Zymr, drives the solution architecture and technology leadership for the company. Haresh has a passion for strategizing digital journeys that leverage intuitive UI/UX design. His extensive experience in complex product development and digital transformation knowledge further substantiates Zymr’s authority in developing futuristic and customer-centric digital experiences.

Abeer Desai

CBO, Zymr

Abeer Desai is a Director of Sales at Zymr, Inc. where he specializes in supporting cloud-enabled businesses to identify effective solutions to drive their product engineering roadmaps forward. Abeer is a serial entrepreneur with a B.S. in Economics from NYU Stern and an M.A. in Philosophy from CIIS.