Gen-AI Strategies for Modernizing Applications and Platforms

06/12/2024 11:00 AM PST

A Recent research by McKinsey suggests nearly one-quarter of surveyed C-suite executives say they are personally using gen AI tools for work, and more than one-quarter of respondents from companies using AI say Generative AI (Gen AI) is already on their boards’ agendas. Gen AI is being applied across industries, like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, cybersecurity and others. Companies are integrating Gen AI into workflows to facilitate a good customer experience. Therefore, in this webinar, our CTO, Haresh Kumbhani, will discuss the strategic placement of generative AI for the modernization of applications and platforms.

Through the course of the webinar, Haresh will discuss how generative AI can help with modernization by offering enhanced realism, cross-domain operations, mitigated biased performance, and low-resource edge computing among other features.

Key Takeaways

1. Versatility of Generative-AI in modernizing operations, content creation, customer engagement, and more.

2. Strategies to integrate Generative AI into workflows to enhance efficiency and productivity.

3. Future-proofing Generative AI initiatives by investing in research and development, ensuring flexibility and scalability, and prioritizing ethical AI   practices. 

4. Leveraging AI-generated content and recommendations to tailor your offerings per individual preferences, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Key Presenter

With Zymr you can

Haresh Kumbhani

CTO, Zymr

Haresh Kumbhani, CTO, Zymr, drives the solution architecture and technology leadership for the company. Haresh has a passion for strategizing digital journeys that leverage intuitive UI/UX design. His extensive experience in complex product development and digital transformation knowledge further substantiates Zymr’s authority in developing futuristic and customer-centric digital experiences.

Ashok Desai

CBO, Zymr

Ashok Desai, CBO, Silicon Valley, Zymr, is a seasoned executive spearheading business development at Zymr, orchestrating go-to-market strategies and forging strategic alliances. He has a stellar track record in enterprise solutions and has helmed million-dollar ventures for industry giants. Ashok excels in crafting growth blueprints, driving business strategies, and refining partner services. His expertise extends to leading site support strategies.