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We bring Agile methodologies, including Domain-Driven Development (DDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD), to ensure precision in every solution. Partner with us to ensure that your business's unique needs are met with high-quality digital offerings tailored to your specific goals, scope, timeline, budget, tech stack, quality, and KPIs.  As your dedicated partner, we're committed to enhancing your business offerings.

Our Agile Process

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At Zymr, our agile experts collaborate closely to understand your specific project needs, whether it's initiating a project from the ground up, addressing research spikes, or modernization and migration tasks. Our agile process encompasses sprint planning, requirements grooming, quality engineering, and CI/CD automation, among other elements for high-quality results. We emphasize executive governance, including CXO escalation, executive synchronization, and roadmap alignment. Leveraging cutting-edge tools, technology, and SME expertise, we consistently deliver top-notch solutions to our clients.

Sprint Management

We have a structured and thorough approach towards sprint:

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  • Client inputs such as market needs, value proposition and, product management goals are collected.
  • Solution architecture is establisehd that includes well-architected assessments and technical solution architecture aligned with industry best practices.
  • We creates an Agile Development Plan, encompassing project backlogs, epics, user stories, effort estimation, timelines, engineering resource planning, and budgetary KPIs.
  • The plan is guided by factors like domain ontology, technical analysis, requirement grooming, and well-defined QE processes.
  • A focus is maintained on quality by ensuring vertical slices of sprint that cover the frontend, backend, and QE automation simultaneously.
  • Result is a production-worthy increment, with design approach notes, code reviews, unit testing and more.

Our Services

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We help clients envision their roadmap for digital and reimagine business possibilities with cloud-native platforms, AI-driven ecosystems, and secure SaaS applications and more.Partner with us to gain valuable insights and strategic direction that will help you set the foundation for your unique project needs. Tap into deep technical insights that will help you ensure project reliability from the very start of your digital transformation journey.

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Our comprehensive development capabilities and Agile methodologies help clients transform their ideas into functional, high-quality solutions. Our expertise ensures that clients' digital projects are built with precision, innovation, and a focus on delivering value to end-users. Bring cutting-edge technology integration, and unwavering reliability to your digital solution development, ensuring precision and innovation.

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At Zymr, our focus is helping you reduce manual unpredictabilities, increase efficiency, and improve the reliability and accuracy of operations. Clients can count on Zymr to implement automation solutions that align with their business goals and drive productivity. Adopt the latest automation technologies to guarantee streamlined operations for your project.

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Our scaling services focus on ensuring that clients' solutions are capable of handling increasing demands and growing user bases. They provide the necessary infrastructure and optimizations to support scalability and maintain high performance. Benefit from our reliable services as you expand your digital solution's capabilities.

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Our services are geared toward ensuring the sustained performance, reliability, and adaptability of clients' digital solutions. Clients can count on us for ongoing support, monitoring, and enhancements to meet evolving business needs. Ensure unwavering trust in each phase of the project and achieve their digital transformation goals with confidence.

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