RetailTech Agile Cloud Solutions for Fluid Retail Operations

The retail industry is transforming at a rapid pace. With a massive increase in the number of smartphones in the past few years, customers have become more connected than ever. As a result, retail organizations are gearing up to meet the expectations of a new breed of empowered customers. This has resulted in various innovations in the retail industry around mobile commerce, omnichannel retailing, supply chain management, data mining, loyalty programs, payments and other associated areas. To provide superior customer experience these days, retailers must provide consistent data-driven services across multiple touchpoints: in-store, social, digital, mobile, and customer service. Comprehensive RetailTech solutions typically require a suite of managed IT services that span PoS solutions, applications, networks and infrastructure.

Consider this scenario, customers walk into a brick-and-mortar store and their smartphones receive instant notifications featuring discounts and information

on the various store items. Likewise, imagine a complete schematic of the retail store relayed to a customer’s location-aware smart device, with information such as the location of items on the customer’s wish-list, offers, interest-driven FAQs, etc. that not only provide increased store management efficiency but also improve customer experience. Furthermore, think about an easy cloud-based checkout system which eliminates queues in stores. Retail intelligence has also improved in revolutionary ways. Retailers can now have real-time access to actionable data on customer spending patterns, market basket analysis, footfall/traffic data and more, across multiple locations and geographies, which can be used to build smart recommendation systems. All these innovations require sophisticatedly orchestrated cloud technologies to ensure a smooth flow of vast amounts of retail data between enterprises and users.
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Similarly, maintaining data integrity becomes another concern in a system full of fast moving information from various sources. A retail organization planning to incorporate these innovations faces the following challenges:

  • Seamless integration with existing information systems
  • Mitigation of performance risks
  • Converting vast amounts of data generated into actionable insights
  • Real time inventory management (across various channels)
  • Information security

With considerable experience in the retail technology space across areas like analytics, beacons, eCommerce, and mCommerce, Zymr is deft at deploying open source technology architectures for integrated retail solutions that provide security, scalability and performance. Additionally, Zymr’s quality engineering practices extend beyond quality assurance, with an emphasis on Agility and Automation, making it a partner of choice for retail technology projects.

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