zymr SRE Automation service offerings

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System Performance Assessment

We analyze your domain and assess infrastructure, platforms, apps with an intent to manage incident queues, distributed systems, and workflows. Our teams create strategic blueprints to design architecture through CI/CD models.

  • Leverage business-aligned architecture designs.
  • Strategize customized CI/CD models.
  • Engage with distributed systems enhancing your system performance.
  • Ensure maximum system availability.

System Support and Monitoring

We extend our system support through cloud migration and testing automation to help you standardize tasks. Our teams use the latest technologies to monitor and fix issues associated with infrastructure, apps, and servers in real-time.

  • Implement system support and monitoring automation
  • Strategize smooth cloud migration and cloud-native software delivery.
  • Automate system and infrastructure testing.
  • Implement CI/CD approach for support and monitoring.

Cloud Native Service

We consider SRE as a specific approach to IT ops for cloud-native software systems. Our teams support various technologies to develop cloud-based solutions that meet your business needs.

  • Implement SRE approach specific to AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • Engage with a tool-stack including Python, Java, .NET, Node.js, Hibernate, MySQL, and MongoDB for cloud-native SRE.
  • Improve your cloud-native software delivery.