Zymr Developed Cloud-Native Digital Health Platform

February 1, 2021
San Jose, CA

A leading cloud-native Digital Health platform company that provides personalized solutions for Interactive Patient Engagement and Actionable Remote Patient Monitoring and supports needs like mental health, disability care, long-term care, chronic disease management, etc., approached Zymr to develop one of its prestigious smart healthcare workflows to improve patient outcomes.

Our client collaborated with us to develop a cloud-native digital health platform that included an advanced workflow engine to connect with various Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. The workflow engine included a workflow designer and rules-based integration of new patient-centric information exchange, using HL7 APIs and FHIR standards.

Zymr delivered a digital health solution that can be deployed and integrated with existing health platforms and clinical workflows such as EHR/EMR systems, Population Health, and Care Coordination solutions. Creating and sharing data through reports and dashboards and customizing workflows is accomplished through a single unified enterprise mobile platform.

The digital platform services delivered by Zymr helped our client effectively manage patient on-boarding, treatment plans, ongoing patient status updates, reports, clinical systems, billing systems, care-team notification, etc. Our team examined their business requirements and worked on gathering requirements, system architecture, and workflow management for patients in various EHR implementations.

When asked about the project, the CEO/CTO of Zymr, Inc., Mr. Haresh Kumbhani, said, “We accelerated our client’s roadmap by leveraging Azure-based cloud-native architecture, which made them acquire Fortune-100 healthcare delivery organizations with millions of patients.”

About ZYMR

Zymr, Inc. is a full-stack cloud software development services company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Integrating state-of-the-art software paradigms, an Agile development culture, and global delivery centers, Zymr works with some of the most demanding venture-funded startups and mid-to-large enterprises, to render their cloud-enabled products and services. Zymr, Inc., has effectively developed 100+ cutting-edge software products and offered services to Fortune 500 companies and genre-defining technology startups. For more information about Zymr, please visit www.zymr.com.

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