Zymr Inc. develops Enterprise & Industrial IoT Security Solution for an emerging US based Cyber Security market leader

September 8, 2016

Solution wins Grand Prize at IoT World Forum for securing enterprises and smart cities against complex threats.

Silicon Valley-based software product engineering firm, Zymr Inc., played a critical role in the development of an award-winning Security Analytics Solution which is presently deployed as a cloud-based Security-as-a-Service for detecting and securing enterprise networks and smart cities against advanced security threats in real-time.

As IoT brings the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks together, adding an array of disparate devices, protocols, and traffic to enterprise networks, a new breed of threats has emerged at an unprecedented scale. IoT has not only increased the amount of operational data passing through enterprise networks, requiring data security controls and practices to scale accordingly, but its applications also consume heterogeneous data from outside these networks, opening new threat vectors. Additionally, the sheer variety of device types, locations, and user profiles will demand dynamic policy enforcement, rendering already cumbersome enterprise security even more complex. Zymr partnered with a leader in network behavior analytics to bring to market a new generation cyber-security solution that detects Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that traditional solutions in the market miss, and rapidly escalates anomalies to staff.

Zymr put together a highly responsive Agile development team and experienced architects to build the final solution leveraging its domain expertise in MongoDB, UX design, and advanced web UI using application-aware JavaScript code. Zymr’s proprietary cloud middleware framework, SantaFe, was leveraged to reduce time to market and development risk by providing a solid extensible framework with common cloud platform services. Zymr also engaged its teams and infrastructure for comprehensive DevOps services to enable quick deployment on popular enterprise virtualization environments and Amazon AWS.

As IoT becomes mainstream, the cybersecurity industry will continue to attract new opportunities and funding for startups. “Zymr is committed to using the latest technologies, our ready-to-use cloud framework portfolio, the right tools, and the best talent to enable these companies to outperform competitors and innovate faster,” added Ashok Desai, Chief Business Officer at Zymr.