Zymr Delivers Splunk and ZenDesk Snaps for a Leading Cybersecurity Company

October 5, 2018

Zymr Inc., a full-stack cloud software engineering firm based in Silicon Valley, has successfully developed feature-rich Splunk and ZenDesk apps for Virsec, a leading Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) cybersecurity company.

Customers adopting the Virsec solution require ready-to-use SecOps applications that deliver unified security management, such as SIEM, AIOps, or ITOps. Zymr worked closely with Virsec to develop a flexible integration architecture with modular snaps into these industry standard tools, enabling frictionless adoption with their cybersecurity infrastructure, including Splunk, ServiceNow, New Relic, ZenDesk and other best-in-class platforms.

Zymr developed an innovative microservices-based snap architecture based on function-specific root-snaps, snaplets, and applets. Splunk and other systems can use these root-snaps to deliver fully integrated visibility and control over the Virsec platform.

“Many enterprises have standardized on tools like Splunk for incident response,” said Kamlesh Mehta, SVP of worldwide engineering at Virsec. “By working with Zymr we can deliver the full power and rich analytics of Virsec directly into a customer’s preferred platform delivering all the benefits of our patented application security and actionable forensics.”

Zymr has extensive experience building a wide range of high-performance and secure custom snaps for various industries. Zymr has developed more than 50 ready-to-use snaps in its SantaFe framework delivering connectivity with many ecosystems.

“Call us expert cloud plumbers,” said Haresh Kumbhani, CEO/CTO of Zymr. “Working with cutting-edge companies like Virsec, we can quickly develop smart and secure snaps between any two systems – cloud, on-premises or hybrid.”