Zymr Delivers Enterprise Security Orchestration For A Leading Silicon Valley Startup In Data Privacy

July 23, 2020

San Jose, CA  July 23, 2020 - Bolstering defense against the emerging new cyber threats from the COVID-19 pandemic, Zymr Inc., a cloud-native Agile development company based in Silicon Valley, successfully delivers a valuable orchestration experience by building a robust multi-tenant and multi-cloud, cloud-native microservices-based data security manager deployed on AWS and Azure for a leading California based security solution provider that offers services that simplify data-centric encryption to mitigate the risk of breaches and theft.

The client, a venture-funded Silicon Valley startup, was looking for innovation in advanced Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) and data encryption core technology through an end-to-end orchestration solution that can secure enterprise applications and their data-in-use not just data-at-rest.

Zymr strategically worked with the client to build a robust cloud-native data security orchestration solution integrated with its SMPC engine and various databases like Cassandra, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, and other types of datastores. Our team took care of every aspect of Agile Engineering with Domain-Driven Design, Agile Development, Quality and Automation, CI/CD Pipeline, and Cloud Delivery.

Security Orchestration Platform: Zymr built a modern, scalable cloud-native Enterprise Security Orchestration platform for our client that supported multi-tenancy and multi-cloud deployment models, and configured security profiles for various databases like Cassandra, MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and AWS/Azure specific databases.

Security Dashboard: Zymr UX Design Studio led the Enterprise UX design from a series of use-cases, and developed a sophisticated, responsive Security Admin Console and dashboard with features like security configuration, key management, security events and incidents, policy enforcement, and reporting.

Data Security Policy: Data classification and encryption policy can be enabled at an object, a row, or a column level. Encryption key management and key rotation policy can be configured for each class of data objects.

Configuration of SMPC Servlets: Zymr designed and developed Java, Spring, and MongoDB based security orchestration microservices to configure SMPC encryption servlets and complex key management workflow with HSM or AWS KMS.

Analytics and Reporting: Zymr created Elastic Beats, ElasticDB, LogStash, and Kibana based analytics engine that collected real-time events and analyzed them for anomalous data access patterns in databases. It generated alerts when advanced persistent threats or APTs were detected

Multi-cloud DevOps Support: Zymr developed an automated CI/CD build-to-test pipeline for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud using Chef, Python, and Cloud-Native facilities.

“Zymr brings rich experience in cloud-native orchestration and UX/UI with a deep cybersecurity domain expertise,” said the client, “Our security manager was built to orchestrate our most advanced SMPC data encryption-as-a-service.”

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, enterprises are investing significantly in technological innovations that will facilitate business continuity and enhance resiliency against emerging new security threat elements. Studies have shown that more than 80% of cybersecurity professionals believe enterprise systems and data are at risk. Zymr continues to work hand-in-hand with our customers to help build, deploy, and support modern cloud-based security products using our best practices repository, shared Ashok Desai, CBO of Zymr Inc.