Zymr Adopts TypeScript to Advance GUI Presentation Experience

May 24, 2016

A frequent need in the industry is to produce a highly object-oriented front-end GUI that is able to mimic the object-oriented structure of the underlying system, if necessary, but with an efficacy and security that is expected of such object-oriented designs, and that is not available with linguistic and syntactical help to a JavaScript programmer. Typescript, a typed superset of JavaScript, is a Microsoft-created, but now open-source, technology that serves these needs.

Zymr’s engineers picked up TypeScript in a matter of weeks and produced a GUI that brought forth the user experience that the client intended. With TypeScript, developers had a more productive development experience similar to Java or other object-oriented languages, and Zymr developers consider it a better and smarter choice over pure JavaScript.

As a result, Zymr’s customers find the end user experience to be better, faster and with lesser number of defects. Zymr engineers are so persuaded by the advantage of using this technology that work is under way to incorporate TypeScript in some of the Technology Accelerator Frameworks that Zymr makes available to its clients.

An interesting side-effect of adopting the TypeScript technology is that Zymr’s engineers are able to contribute their creations to the open source community, even as they resolved defects in some of the libraries.

“In a fast-paced web development world, where new technologies spring up with regularity and high frequency, it is important for a product engineering studio to adopt newemerging technologies to fulfil customer needs, and this adoption of TypeScript is an illustration of the agile mindset that Zymr has.” said Haresh Kumbhani – Chief Executive Officer, Zymr, Inc.