Silicon Valley Major Software Product Engineering Company Establishes European Headquarters in London, United Kingdom

September 28, 2022

Zymr, Inc., the full-stack product engineering services company is all set to tap into the multi-billion dollar UK market. Founded in 2012, Zymr has been consistently recognized for its breakthrough solutions, strategic insights, and execution excellence.

The UK Subsidiary - Zymr Systems UK Ltd. - will also become the launch pad for other European Countries where Zymr, Inc. already has several customers. Europe is jumping onto the deep end of the digital revolution and industry leaders want to scale rapidly towards the adoption of cloud technologies to build a safe and secure digital future for all.

Ashok Desai, Chief Business Officer, Zymr, Inc. added, “Having served 125+ clients, we’re a preferred choice to global ISVs, startups, enterprises, and digital businesses to help them build innovative Products leveraging cutting-edge cloud-native, multi-cloud, and open-source technologies, and tools tested and proven with our global customers. We bring well-architected framework knowledge for multi-cloud, multi-tenancy XaaS solutions, thereby accelerating ROI for our new customers.”

Haresh Kumbhani, Chief Executive Officer, Zymr, Inc. stated emphatically, “With a DNA of software product innovation, our design-thinking culture will significantly help in delivering a high-quality and world-class customer experience. We believe in automation with DDD/TDD/BDD development culture for the highest quality outcomes. We have matured in enterprise product engineering for Cybersecurity, FinTech, HealthTech, and other domains. The foundational skills in infrastructure enable us to develop secure solutions.”

Jay Kumbhani, Associate VP, Software Engineering, Zymr, Inc. added, “As an end-to-end software development Company, we have established multiple delivery centers in India and the U.S. The timing for Zymr’s new journey in the UK couldn’t have been better."