Enterprise Mobility Technology Trends 2021 – How Mobility Will Get Redefined

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Enterprise Mobility Technology Trends 2021

The world is going mobile, so should your enterprise. Mobility has become paramount with the pre-eminence of smart devices at the workplace. Data management, security, collaboration, customer experience, productivity, or more, enterprise mobility has covered it all. Organizations that don’t prioritize mobility may get disrupted amid digital transformations happening across the business landscape. 

The mobile-first strategies are gaining momentum among CEOs to capitalize on its advantages like robust availability, secure data, easy sharing, exquisite user experience, so on and so forth. It is vital to focus on trends as it is an age of technological advancements. Without further ado, let’s quickly check out the enterprise mobility technology trends of 2021 that will help you improve your organizational operations and stay relevant in the market.

Enterprise Mobility Technology Trends 2021

#1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Approach

Organizations worldwide are adopting the BYOD model to improve adaptability, curb expenses, increase productivity, and boost employee satisfaction. To effectively embrace and execute the BYOD model, it is imperative to ensure that the employees’ devices are configured adequately with security protocols and stick to data protection norms and BYOD policy. 

Do you know, MarketsandMarkets forecasts the BYOD and enterprise mobility market to become USD 73.30 Billion by 2021?

#2. Impact Of 5G In Enterprise Mobility Realm

The waves of 5G will bring a revolution to amplify remote work productivity, reduce latency issues, increase IoT devices’ performance, and make mobile applications run faster. With better connectivity and high speed, 5G is expected to be 10x faster than 4G, making it an ideal choice to improve communication, make the network reliable and enhance the customer experience. All in all, 5G will streamline mobility, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

Do you know, 5G can shape the future of enterprise mobility by significantly improving mobile connectivity and can positively impact AI, IoT, AR, and VR technologies?

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#3. Role Of Internet Of Things (IoT) 

IoT devices have been making everyone’s life easier, smarter, and better by transforming business models. Industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing are heavily using IoT to improve business operations and performance. IoT is enabled by enterprise mobility, and if the duo works in tandem, it can positively impact the organizational growth with increased employee productivity, more revenues, and cost-efficiency. It enables the users to communicate better through wearable, mobile, and connected devices. 

Do you know, as per Statista, there will be more than 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in use by 2025?

#4. Increasing Influence Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enterprises are exploring ways to use AI to maximize its advantages, considering how AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, natural language processing, and machine learning have stunned everyone, no wonder why it has become the top-most investment priority of CIOs. It can revolutionize mobility with matured smartphones, anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, automated reasoning, data mining, robotics, and predictive analytics. AI-focused devices in enterprise mobility can create experiences that boost workflow viability to make businesses smarter.  

Do you know, Gartner projects that 40% of new enterprise applications implemented by service providers will include AI technologies?

#5. Importance Of Beacon Technology In Businesses

Beacon application development can boost enterprise mobility in healthcare, travel, logistics, retail, education, field force management, and more. It can create customized applications that are to be installed on employees’ devices. Beacons improve productivity, compliance, security and can be utilized to track the mobile device location. Mobile device management and enterprise mobility are getting affected by Beacon positively.

Do you know, businesses are now focusing on beacon applications to take their operations to the next level?

#6. Power Of Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

The combination of AR and VR can transform the entire enterprise mobility landscape with immersive experiences. Enterprises use AR and VR app development to increase the engagement rate, streamline the processes and develop disruptive products. These technologies will get augmented with AI, and 5G can help such enterprises that heavily rely on AR and VR technologies with high speed and better quality.

Do you know, The Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market is expected to reach USD 161.1 billion by 2025, witnessing a 48.8% CAGR during the forecast period (2020–2025).

#7. Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud has gained much importance in the business world today. Enterprises adopt hybrid cloud technology to improve remote workforce support, strengthen security, adaptability, data and risk management. Enterprises use a hybrid cloud to improve and accelerate workflow and production. 

Do you know, according to Mordor Intelligence, $128.01 billion is the projected market value of the hybrid cloud infrastructure market in 2025?

#8. The Relevance Of Contextual Communication

The concepts of mobility and customer experience are correlated. If you are an organization, mobility technology can personalize your customers’ communication based on past behavior, choices, and purchase history. Contextual communication is an interaction between parties that are equally aware of the relational, cultural, and environmental context behind the informational exchange. It helps in understanding the customer needs and in building long-term relationships with them. 

Do you know, If communication is streamlined, half of the problems won’t even arise in the first place?

#9. Mobility Applications For Employees At The Workplace

Mobility can play a transformative role in boosting productivity at the workplace through apps. Employees are extensively using mobile apps for their official work through emails, video calls, or chats. Some of the best examples are Slack, Skype, Chanty, Ryver, and Fleep. Mobility is increasing employee engagement and retention. They will be in a better position to justify the work and perform more effectively.

Do you know that employees are now getting a thorough understanding of their designated jobs with the proliferation of role-based apps?

#10. Enterprise Mobility Can Effectively Tackle Compliance Issues

As mobility waves are getting intense, transactions in businesses over mobiles have also increased. However, compliance, safety, and regulations should never get compromised in the entire process. With regulations like GDPR and CCPA, security is a significant concern for everyone. Businesses are extensively investing in mobile compliances and to ensure confidentiality by keeping the integrity of designated content intact.

Do you know, enterprise mobility can take care of data encryption, authentication with multi-factor authentication, and biometric systems?

Conclusion – It is essential to take these trends under consideration as there is a sheer amount of untapped potential still waiting to be unleashed in the mobility ecosystem in 2021.

Transformational trends in mobility are an ongoing process. Startups and enterprises should get geared up to adopt these latest trends to stay relevant, beat the competition, and take their operations to new heights. Suppose you have an idea which you want to turn into execution. In that case, all you need is a business partner who can help your business leverage enterprise mobility trends to sail for success across the ocean of disruptions. Share your requirements with Zymr, and we will get back to you with a strategic roadmap.

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