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Mobile App Development for Agile Companies

Cloud mobility is the de facto way of enhancing enterprise productivity in today’s interconnected age. Location-centric activities have been replaced by a highly mobile workforce that is transforming the IT infrastructure landscape. To achieve a strong competitive edge, companies must provide their customers compelling mobile experiences, and equip employees with actionable customer insights. But effective cloud mobility requires secure authorization using SSO (Single Sign On), encrypted data, in addition to high scalability and well-designed interfaces that delight users – features not every app development company can deliver. Zymr’s mobile application development services help companies deliver security without impacting usability, and provide users a more intuitive experience across devices, fully leveraging the game-changing potential of mobility.

The Zymr Difference

  • Hardened Open Source

    Open source economies are appealing but require an experienced team to decipher the qualitative differences between libraries, languages and processes. Our experienced app development teams prepare your company for elastic scalability without compromising security.
  • Domain Experience

    Technology is meaningless without an appreciation of the underlying domain. In-depth experience in critical areas like infrastructure, security and orchestration equip your core use cases with enterprise grade functionality.
  • Disciplined Agility

    With hundreds of sprints under our belt, agile development is an ethos at Zymr. Injecting customer feedback into the process is critical for ensuring quality in a high velocity environment like mobile application development, for companies to stay ahead of rivals.

What Our Customers Say

Zymr designed and developed the visualization tier for our new security analytics product. Their efforts have scaled and driven value across multiple deployments including an industrial Internet of Things.

human-image3 Tom CaldwellPresident, Cyberflow Analytics

Mobile Application Development for Enterprises

Enterprise mobility emphasizes frictionless data access through beautiful UX that is supported by industrial grade security. Applications must be user friendly with dashboards and push notifications. APIs are also designed that are capable of integrating heterogeneous corporate and non-corporate services.

Features of Mobile Enterprise Solutions

  • Mobile Platform

    Building an extensive cloud platform requires a careful delineation of data processing between the backend and frontend. We offer world-class mobile application development services to build enterprise and carrier grade mobility applications. We support clean northbound and southbound APIs.

  • Mobile Apps

    Enterprise users expect a differentiated experience between desktop, tablet and smartphone access. Actionable intelligence is only possible with dashboards that support drill-down views and responsive UI elements. Succinct information with support for push notifications and event-driven activities is no longer optional. Zymr’s mobile application development services fulfil the above needs, and more.

  • Mobile Security

    Enterprises must maintain a healthy degree of paranoia about user and data security. We have worked with leading solution developers to integrate robust security using LDAP/AD and data security measures. We consider every facet of the security diamond including data use policies, encrypting data-in-motion and data-at-rest and audit-logging every transaction.

Mobile App Development for Consumers

Mobile consumers are notoriously finicky about expecting great UX that extends beyond the app itself to the functionality, and whether it is personalized, location aware and more. When consumers have millions of choices, effective apps are developed based on core use-cases guided by minimalistic, intuitive designs.

Features of Mobile Consumer Applications

  • Focused UX

    UX design can make or break the adoption of an application. Zymr is an app development company that tackles this challenge in three ways: with a passionate and creative UX design team, use-case driven interaction architecture, and an ingrained agile development process to delight end customers with pixel perfection.

  • Deep Personalization

    Effective apps are one step ahead of the user. Clever use of personalization avoids cumbersome menus and seamlessly integrates location awareness and social feeds. Very few mobile app development companies take applications to the next level like Zymr does, with in-line inference based algorithms that delight even the most selective users.

  • Natively Responsive

    Responsive design is based as much on the front-end as it is on the back-end. Apps that aimlessly spin waiting for information to arrive are already dead-on-arrival. Servers that auto-scale, auto-deal and meter responsiveness is key to a successful experience.

Mobile Application Development for Social Media Companies

As general social networking diffuses into society, new competitors are emerging to create networks that are more focused in purpose. Growth relies on making it easy for users to invite their contacts into the network. This expanding community adds to the network effects to attract new users. Sustaining interest comes through clean, personalized information feeds, ease of communication with others and a welcoming environment.

Features of Social Mobility

  • Social Ontology

    Building special interest networks starts with designing the right network ontology. Stitching the right users, topics and activities into a semantic network starts with robust ontological planning. We’re an application development company that has built social networks in the past for urban commuters, IT professionals and others.

  • Social Sharing

    Mobile apps make it easier than ever to share experiences and information with friends and peers. Broadcasting is becoming more focused with multicasting options to engage curated circles of friends. We’ve worked with teams to customize social circles and available modes of interaction.

  • Monetization

    Traditional monetization approaches such as advertisements like iAd on iOS have been known to turn users away. Many networks explore more subtle, innovative forms of monetization that require unique technical and strategic implementation.

Mobile Analytics

Successful applications are able to capture and leverage user behavior for positive innovation. Key questions are what type of information is captured, at what granularity and whether it can be effectively mined for insights. Analytics drive innovation by measuring the frequency of features used. Zymr has worked on implementing various forms of instrumentation to collect and analyze data for tuning UX and generating business value.

Features of Mobile Analytics

  • Instrumentation

    Mobile app development companies often fail to adequately instrument their mobile applications, resulting in lost opportunities for real-time and historical analysis of user behavior. Most focus on instrumenting just the cloud servers, but at Zymr we are advocates of instrumenting the entire experience using tools like Flurry and others.

  • UX Analytics

    Analyzing clicks provides a window into understanding how useful certain features are, and how a user typically navigates the application. This insight is crucial for Lean UX development, and prevents the frustration developers feel when determining which features to prioritize.

  • Business Analytics

    Analyzing user activity trends is invaluable for product managers seeking to determine effective monetization strategies. We are an app development company that supports clients on their revenue-generation journey by making innovative business models possible.

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