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Design, deploy and support the journey of technology right from physical servers to the cloud.

When it comes to businesses taking benefits of cloud technology, migrations are the icing to the chocolate cake. The cloud is changing the way enterprises handle their IT infrastructure. Enterprises are now free to migrate all or specific segments of workloads to the cloud for achieving cost cuttings in the short and long runs. Your critical business databases and applications may require re-architecting, operational support, or re-platforming. Or you could be working with complex use cases of data and analytics having demanding environments, many data pipelines or massive data volumes. Regardless of your purpose behind migrating to the cloud, Zymr’s wide range of expertise offers you access to the 24*7 assistance in all stages of your cloud migration process. We will help you define the roadmap, strategize, and execute your journey to the cloud. Our team will also collaborate with you to assist you in reaping the benefits of your latest cloud based solutions.

Our Services



    Zymr offers services to the businesses for migrating infrastructure to the cloud by partnering with premium cloud providers.

  • Cloud Migration_DATA MIGRATION


    Zymr's standardized approach enables end-to-end data migration.

  • Cloud Migration_PLATFORM MIGRATION


    Zymr holds a hands-on-expertise in building and migrating apps and products on various leading platforms.

  • Cloud Migration_APP MIGRATION


    Zymr conducts app migration to the cloud in an accurate, accelerated, and predictable approach.

Why Zymr?

  • Experience cutting-edge cloud services that are backed with a proven execution approach to help you gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Accelerate innovation and boost ROI by driving efficiency with our team of cloud artisans who plan and manage your end-to-end cloud journey.
  • Avoid possible glitches by getting your migration requirements and existing infrastructure needs well-assessed in priority to achieve streamlined results.
  • Future-gen cloud-first solutions that unlock value and guarantee tangible business results to propel growth in the highly competitive digital landscape.

Our Success Stories

wepay Fintech Enterprise
vodafone USA

Our Success Stories

Fortune-50 Financial Risk Management Platform
A shifting regulatory environment in Europe had introduced additional complexity into the client’s financial compliance roadmap. The client’s ability to continue scaling its business in digital payments to new clients in Europe was being threatened by these new regulatory challenges with the introduction of GDPR.
Vodafone Groupon-like E-Commerce Marketplace
Zymr developed a full-stack high-performance marketing automation and e-commerce platform (integrating Magento with Santa Fe) with accompanying Web and Mobile apps.

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