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Technology infrastructure is undergoing a major renaissance to keep pace with the cloud revolution. While computer and storage are experiencing virtualization, networking has remained behind. With business models changing, carriers are transforming dumb pipes into intelligent services for enterprises and consumers through Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). The DMZ line is also blurring as the proliferation of SaaS services creates new challenges to network access and data security. Finally, consumers and employees expect greater ubiquity of wireless access.

Zymr has robust networking infrastructure talent in areas such as SDN, NFV, wireless networking (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE), L4-to-L7, scalable messaging, control-plane, performance engineering, monitoring, and configuration. We have expertise in ‘compute’ infrastructure using OpenStack, VMWare, and virtualization. We have expertise in ‘storage’ technologies defined by SNIA and SMI-S standards. Zymr works with our clients to develop cloud infrastructure solutions that are secure, modular, extensible, and provide the resiliency that is required for around-the-clock business-critical uptime.

Our Expertise

  • Cloud Infrastructure_NETWORKING SPECIALISTS


    The Zymr team has strong expertise in networking - Software Defined Networking (SDN), L4 to L7 services, advanced skills in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, iBeacon, etc. and solutions. We bring unique skills in control-path and data-path networking solutions.

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    Zymr has developed comprehensive Data center focused cloud software solutions that tackle multi-vendor and multi-tier infrastructure. From datacenter capacity planning of compute, networking, storage to energy management to make workloads run efficiently, our solutions manage it all with ease. We have expertise in OpenStack, VMware, Hyper-V environments.

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    The Zymr team is storage savvy and have worked with a variety of SAN, NAS and cutting-edge cloud storage systems. Most of our expertise is in the control-path for storage systems, using standards defined by SNIA such as SMI-S.

Our Services

We work across a wide array of customized cloud solutions to help your business process faster, scale rapidly, and lower IT costs.

  • Cloud Infrastructure for WI-FI

    Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for Wi-Fi

  • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions USING OPENSTACK

    Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Using OpenStack


    Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for SDN / NFV

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi continues to have a critical impact on the technology landscape and has become a utility as valuable as power. The proliferation of mobile computing, the emerging IoT (Internet-of-Things) paradigm, and the insatiable desire to communicate rich data at faster speeds are driving continual innovation to make this medium as reliable and secure as wired Ethernet. Zymr’s core team members have been Wi-Fi innovators since the genesis of the format for over a decade.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_SMALL CELLS


    Empowering consumers with high-quality Wi-Fi is key to reducing friction when accessing rich data. Wi-Fi infrastructure is evolving with small-cell technologies for denser deployment, 802.11ac, 3G/4G offload, and other features. We build Wi-Fi services that leverage small-cell deployment architectures and other new capabilities.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_CONTROL


    A lot of smart money is being poured into Software Defined Networking in order to better control Wi-Fi from the cloud. Wi-Fi APs are being modified with APIs to enable innovative control-plane solutions. This includes discovery, configuration, and monitoring of networks to mitigate interference. We build Wi-Fi cloud controllers to manage distributed Wi-Fi networks.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_3G-4G OFFLOAD


    Integrating Wi-Fi with other wireless networks for 3G/4G backhaul is a way in which carriers are optimizing their networks. This requires the seamless handoff of 3G/4G connections to Wi-Fi networks. We implement 3GPP standards based on the offload mechanism and policy-based management.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Using OpenStack

Organizations like Mirantis, RedHat, RackSpace, HP, Cisco, IBM, VMware, and others offer proprietary distributions and commercial offerings. Zymr leverages OpenStack REST APIs to orchestrated solutions like Hadoop-as-a-Service. We build OpenStack driven private clouds for development and testing needs. We have also engineered our own OpenStack distribution to enhance organizational capacity to engage the underlying technologies.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_APIS


    Innovative companies are extending OpenStack APIs to power private cloud orchestrations to deliver services. Zymr is well versed in OpenStack APIs and combines OpenStack with Hadoop to deliver Hadoop-as-a-Service.

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    Networking adapters for OpenStack Neutron and storage adapters for OpenStack Cinder or Swift are effective ways to bind proprietary networking and storage systems to OpenStack. Zymr develops drivers and builds OpenStack adapters for proprietary technologies.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_ORCHESTRATION


    OpenStack’s Heat framework can be leveraged to enable the orchestration of private, public and hybrid clouds. Heat uses Ceilometer for auto-scaling. Zymr develops solutions based on OpenStack Heat and other orchestration techniques.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for SDN / NFV

Networks have been evolving towards greater agility for a long time. Software Defined Networking promises to do just that. OpenDayLight provides a solid foundation to build SDN solutions. In addition, NFV leverages SDN in a new way to allow services providers to offer value-added functions to subscribers. We develop Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization solutions, and also offer a technology accelerator that leverages OpenDayLight and other controllers.

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    A host of new virtual applications can be developed by leveraging SDN controls. Zymr develops Software Defined Networking solutions by leveraging our strong understanding of the underlying networking.

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    NFV allows service providers to apply DevOps methods to networking and communications services. This accelerates innovation and enables a high rate of production releases. Zymr develops Network Function Virtualization applications including capacity management and security management.

  • Cloud Infrastructure_SDN-NFV ORCHESTRATION 1


    Productizing Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization applications require a solid DevOps foundation. New innovations in container-based DevOps like Docker represent one of the most promising techniques to deliver SDN and NFV apps in multi-tenant environments.

Our Success Stories

cisco USA

Our Success Stories

Cisco Unified Datacenter Management
Zymr built a comprehensive datacenter energy management system focused on Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) metric by gathering real-time energy usage from compute, network, storage and energy systems of a datacenter.

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