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Transform your traditional IT framework and extend the core of your applications with our ‘domain driven design’ to cloud computing solutions. Reduce IT redundancies, enhance productivity, optimize resource requirements, and experience some of the most excellent services of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We provide solutions for cloud operation services, migration, platform architecture design, DevOps, AI-powered applications, SaaS, CI/CD, and service orchestration to help you realize your business objectives. As your trusted cloud consultant, we can help you define a future-state cloud business model. Our cloud solutions intertwine the intelligence and automation capabilities to provide services efficiently, effectively, and securely at a cloud-scale.

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Hello Alexa, can you share with me the history music”? We draw inspiration from innovative minds to be a bridge to the digital world.

Our Domain Expertise

Why zymr

  • Get the advantages of disciplined agility, agile development methodology, scrum iterations, and other project management process under one umbrella to create a high-velocity software development environment.
  • Leverage our in-depth experience and domain expertise in cloud technologies, cloud application development, mobile applications, security, orchestration, and big data infrastructure.
  • Top-notch services that help your organization to connect, discover and accelerate with a goal to improve your team’s collaboration, adopt different analytics technology, and get valuable business insights.
  • Extensive database management, back-end, and front-end development along with full-stack cloud development services and other parallel technologies to deliver state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions.
  • Speed up your business growth with our multifarious cloud computing services that are innovatively designed to provide you faster time to market with outstanding flexibility, transparency and adherence to compliances.

Our Success Stories

cisco USA

Our Success Stories

Cisco Unified Datacenter Management
Zymr built a comprehensive datacenter energy management system focused on Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) metric by gathering real-time energy usage from compute, network, storage and energy systems of a datacenter.
IoT & Enterprise Cybersecurity
Webroot successfully developed a cybersecurity manager for rapid threat detection. Zymr was able to help them build a full-stack CloudTech cybersecurity manager capable of visualizing the threat matrix for enterprises and providing actionable intelligence to manage these threats.