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Advancements in cloud, mobile, big data, and social are transforming the very foundations of how we use and access information, and communicate with each other. A new wave of cloud paradigms are evolving at an amazing velocity. Concepts like PaaS, open source, and socialized information through data sprouts are driving a new generation of business models on the back of commoditized IT infrastructure. This has resulted in unprecedented changes in the IT landscape, requiring platforms and SaaS solution offerings to evolve, both from a technology and outreach perspective.


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Working with Zymr was excellent. As our de facto offshore engineering team, Zymr managed the entire project with rigorous agility and a keen eye for relevant open source frameworks. The team is responsible, committed and proactive. I would recommend Zymr to anybody looking for assured results.

John Canfield John Canfield Founder, Nimbler World

SaaS Solutions

The next generation of SaaS accounts for elasticity, self-service, user-experience, security and a range of other considerations to support tiered licensing and flexible monetization.


Features of SaaS Applications

Social Networking Solutions

As social networking diffuses into society, networks are trending towards greater specialization. We’ve built several vertical social networks to bring together like-minded people, around a specific purpose or theme, in a highly responsive and scalable way. Some of the examples are connecting a wide variety of users, from sports fans to IT Security experts, bloggers and enterprise users.


Features of Social Applications

  • Ontology Design

    Special interest social networks start with a clarity to determine who, what, how and when to link individuals. Our ontology designers piece this puzzle together in flexible schemas that can be implemented with NoSQL DBs.

  • Open APIs

    A network is only made social if it offers thoughtfully designed APIs to enable remote on boarding by leveraging viral effects. This kind of pre-planning opens up the possibility of transforming a social network into a SaaS.

  • Eco-Connectors

    Social apps thrive on transporting data through eco-connectors to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a broader web of cloud services, from real-time feeds to e-commerce.

    Enterprise Dashboards

    Enterprises are embracing the value of accessible KPI driven dashboards to measure the effectiveness of implemented IT solutions. Dashboards allow C-level executives to quickly understand and react to opportunities and crises. IT vendors benefit from offering beautiful, effective dashboards that can be accessed across platforms. Zymr has built high quality dashboards to supplement the product offerings of enterprise IT vendors.


    Features of Enterprise Dashboards

    Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

    The Internet of Things is seeping into everyday life as our daily appliances get connected. Several waves of IoT are progressing in parallel, spanning Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT. A new breed of cloud applications is required to leverage the IoT from consumer wearables like the Apple Watch or Android Wear, to industrial networks like smart power grids.


    Features of IoT Applications

    • Consumer IoT

      This includes wearable and smart devices for the home enabled by cheap sensors and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networking. Google Nest is a great example of an IoT solution in homes. Zymr can enable end-to-end application infrastructure for IoT.

    • Industrial IoT

      Industrial uses of IoT include process control or SCADA based control systems. Smart grid and other concepts require the gathering and processing of this data to enable analytics, actionable intelligence, mobile apps and more. Zymr has worked on IoT solutions involving Smart Grid and EV charging applications.

    • Enterprise IoT

      Enterprises are adopting IoT for the smart lighting of buildings and tracking enterprise assets. IoT solutions used in the healthcare and automotive industries are a prime example. Zymr offers strong experience in building model-aware and policy-driven enterprise applications that leverage BPM frameworks to automate workflows.

      E-Commerce Development Services

      The traditional shopping cart paradigm for e-commerce is being superseded by empowering purchases directly inside applications, especially with the emergence of digital goods. Zymr is at the forefront of helping clients develop smarter commerce platforms to integrate CSR, multi-modal payment methods, big data analytics and other social connectors in a succinct UX-driven mobile package.


      Features of E-Commerce Applications

      Big Data Solutions

      Big data solutions are rapidly evolving to incorporate real-time data analytics with frameworks like Spark and Spark Streaming with Hadoop. Orchestration platforms are obviating the complexity of deploying Hadoop clusters. Analytics and reporting is getting richer with the variety of open source and commercial reporting engines. Ecommerce development service providers, for instance, need to use Big Data to provide functionalities such as personalization, predictive analytics, supply-chain management, price and inventory management, etc. Zymr has significant experience in working on the orchestration of Hadoop based Big Data clusters using OpenStack, as well as developing big data visualization using a variety of reporting and dashboard tools.


      Key Features of Big Data Applications

      • Orchestration

        Creating Hadoop-as-a-Service for enterprise customers is hard and complex. Innovative startups are finally solving this puzzle with new solutions. Zymr has experience working with Silicon Valley startups orchestrating Big Data infrastructure using OpenStack.

      • Data Security

        Data handled by big data engines is often highly sensitive. Securing data throughout the pipeline is critical to maintaining trust. Access to various reports from these analytics also requires careful design. Zymr’s domain strengths in data security are essential to secure data within the big data context.

      • Visualization

        Big data analytics often result in a deluge of information that is difficult to correlate and take action on. We work with tools like Tableau, Pentaho and others to create meaningful insights from data sets.

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