Which Workloads Should You Be Moving To The Cloud?

Cloud computing is more than a technology. As the cornerstone of today's data-driven ecosystem, the cloud is known to bring some of the most radical changes in the business landscape. The graph of cloud adoption has been witnessing an upward trend ever since the pandemic happened. An overwhelming surge in the remote work culture has accelerated cloud consumption. Gartner forecasts that worldwide public cloud end-user spending will grow 23% in 2021. IT leaders are prioritizing public cloud environments to host mission-critical workloads. Here is the list of points that emphasize why you should consider moving to the cloud.

  • Mobility - Cloud plays a significant role in facilitating remote work environments. Mobile applications that provide access to organizational data during remote work have become critical. Cloud supports mobile solutions as the demand variability in mobile services is in line with the cloud operating model. You can also consider collaborating with a cloud partner whose cloud services support your mobile applications.
  • Videoconferencing - The global video conferencing market's projected value in 2021 is $6.03 billion. Videoconferencing is a critical tool that facilitates collaboration and communication in the remote work environment. Organizations that adopted cloud for videoconferencing have seen the benefits as videos need a high network bandwidth. Also, its resource usage is variable. Cloud providers can deliver video conferencing solutions to keep up with the increase in demand for networking bandwidth.
  • Collaboration - Collaboration tools matter among teams that are working toward achieving a shared goal. Team-based agile software design, multi-author document creation, and collaboration-based apps are getting huge traction lately. Tools like Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Gmail, Skype, and Cisco WebEx facilitate collaboration among employees. Cloud-based collaboration manages remote access, fulfills resiliency needs, and enhances project delivery speed.
  • Virtual Desktops - Virtual desktops facilitate remote working as people can access documents, data, applications, or more from any location. Cloud-based desktop virtualization gives superior control points compared to traditional data-center-based solutions. Virtual desktops can be configured for kiosks, web-enabled portals, and high-quality graphics.
  • Scale-Out - Scale-out applications get benefitted from adding more computing resources to meet the demand surge. This is why modern organizations migrate data center applications to cloud platforms. Cloud provides a conducive environment to host applications that have scale-out requirements.
  • Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery - IT leaders have increased the budget allocation for cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. Business continuity has become every organization's top priority to continue functioning and operating even during a crisis. Cloud makes organizations Agile and resilient as disasters can bring havoc organizations may not be prepared for. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is growing in business continuity and disaster recovery markets. DRaaS will be used more in the future to prepare for a disaster.

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