Top 6 Cloud-Native Predictions For 2021

The pandemic has enabled cloud-native to thrive at an unprecedented scale. Cloud computing is at the centerpiece of the corporate world’s technical response to the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, the c-suite tech leaders' focus is shifting from adapting to the ‘new normal’ to gearing up for the ‘next normal’. The attention of the enterprise customers will continue leaning towards cloud-native, containers, and serverless.

Cloud-Native Predictions For 2021

Leveraging cloud-native approaches, security platform companies are thriving as they allow businesses to detect vulnerabilities, avoid security breaches, analyze user behaviors, and safeguard managed and unmanaged APIs. They operate to seamlessly integrate with IT environments for protecting APIs from data leakage and address data corruption and authorization issues. This blog will help you better understand cloud-native predictions and security platforms.

#1 Cloud-Native And Kubernetes

The involvement of Kubernetes in production will witness a spike in 2021, which could create new security challenges. As organizations are likely to move cloud-native applications into production, there would be more Kubernetes clusters. Organizations will be expected to leverage the dynamism and flexibility of cloud-native environments and be prepared to fight the modern landscape challenges. Dynamic market conditions have led to the adoption of containerized apps and Kubernetes for robust development with unmatched efficiency. Enterprises are facing security challenges due to the flexibility of platforms like Kubernetes. In 2021, the focus of the organizations will be on standardizing the security policies to meet regulatory compliances in the complex modern environment.

#2 Cloud-Native And Open Source

Open source consolidation will witness a spike. Organizations are turning towards open-source tools to use in the production environments for the benefits like robust innovation cycles and high performance. The majority of IT leaders have started considering open source as of strategic importance and will increase open source usage in the coming years. Open source projects are bound to make Kubernetes more powerful.In 2021, the industry will focus on adopting the best-in-line practices related to management, programming languages, and projects that can ease the maintenance of cloud platforms and apps

#3 Cloud-Native And Microservices

The waves around microservices adoption are influenced by APIs and SaaS-based products. Cloud-native apps propel dynamism, and microservice architecture (MSA) is critical to realize the business goals. Microservices have become a part of Kubernetes' DNA. The burgeoning use of microservices has made service mesh solutions essential for efficient management.

#4 Cloud-Native And Service Mesh

Service mesh will be one of the hottest topics of 2021. Modern organizations are increasingly adopting service mesh technology in production and are considering the service mesh offerings as key building blocks for cloud-native apps. Service mesh offerings like Istio and Envoy have become the critical component of cloud-native apps.Service mesh will be adopted to infuse security in the workloads. In 2021, organizations will try to achieve more with the service mesh offerings. This will further result in new integrations and partnerships that will surpass the original container management capabilities. Service mesh approaches are able to secure the network communication as they are capable of strengthening authentication and access control. After Kubernetes, the service mesh is the most pivotal component of the cloud-native stack.

#5 Cloud-Native And DevSecOps

DevSecOps practices will mature in 2021 as security has become paramount in today’s era, where threats have become more sophisticated than ever. Organizations must not make security an afterthought in the quest of achieving innovation. Instead, it has to be integrated with the DevOps cycle. Cybercriminals are looking to exploit app data vulnerabilities as businesses are moving cloud-native app architectures into production. DevSecOps injects security in the development process and integrates security policies across the entire app development lifecycle. DevSecOps will become more refined in 2021 and beyond.

#6 Cloud-Native And APIs

In 2021, the business world will focus on a new approach to secure modern cloud-native apps. Machine learning will be used to automatically identify all APIs regardless of how it is embedded or hidden. It will remove the difficulties involved in manually identifying or enforcing policies for every API. When combined with an API-led integration platform, cloud-native helps businesses improve productivity by having agility, flexibility, transparency, and scalability.To conclude, Kubernetes, Open Source, Service Mesh, DevSecOps, API, and Microservices will get significant traction in the world of cloud-native in 2021. The changes will not be confined only to technology but will impact organizational culture as well.Are You Looking Forward To Creating Best-In-Class Cloud-Native Applications? Zymr Can Help!We provide top-of-the-line cloud-native application services that can take your business to the next level. Partner with us to simplify your business complexities in this disruptive era with the cloud-native environment which is a combination of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers. Our cloud artisans can assist you to modernize your mission-critical apps and accelerate your journey to cloud-native.Contact our team to know more!


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