Stay Ahead Of The Curve - Software Testing Trends You Don’t Want To Miss In 2021

“The testing realm is set to become smarter, sophisticated, and streamlined. The latest technological advances are shaping up the future of software testing like never before.” Performance engineering, IoT and Big Data Testing, Blockchain Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile Test Automation, Usability Testing, Cybersecurity and Risk Compliance, Robotic Process Automation, Automation and Agility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, DevOps, QA, and QAOps are some of the significant testing trends 2021.

Software Testing Trends 2021 has estimated the global market size of Automated Testing to reach $28.8B by 2024. In such a scenario, testing can help maximize business operations. It is crucial to keep an eye on emerging technologies and trends as modern testing solutions evolve like never before. Let’s jump right into the topic to understand the latest software testing trends for 2021.

#1 Performance Engineering For Higher Performance

Performance is a vital element when it comes to software systems. Performance engineering empowers QA engineers, testers, and developers to continually improve a product’s efficiency by laying stress on architecture, design, and execution for performance decisions. It leads to cost efficiency, maximizes the return on investment, provides greater accuracy and resilience, improves user experience, and assures customer satisfaction. Performance engineering helps teams identify the performance glitches at an early stage of the SDLC to prevent unwanted hassles at a later stage. It creates applications optimized for best performances.

#2 Demand For IoT And Big Data Testing

Interconnected gadgets are going to witness a sharp upturn in the forthcoming years. IoT testing and test strategies have become a must with the proliferation of connected devices rapidly. IoT testing uses leading-edge technologies as the software is in-built into the IoT devices. It is crucial to get the security of the IoT devices tested to manage risks and vulnerability management, hardware challenges, compliance requirements, access management. An effective IoT test strategy can lead to seamless performance and functionality of intelligent products. IoT future-proofs testing by improving user engagement and offering superior UX across different channels.

#3 Role Of Blockchain Testing

Blockchain has been making its mark in almost every industry as enterprises worldwide struggle to deal with heaps of information securely. Ensuring security is critical to the success of blockchain applications. Blockchain testing is a next-gen testing solution that debugs the code to deliver productive blockchain apps as it has to deal with a multitude of inherent challenges. In 2021, businesses will ensure security, scalability, and high-performance as blockchain testing will become mission-critical to transform digital trust. Testers will follow a best practice-based suite of testing for blockchain testing like functional and performance testing.

#4 Role Of Test Automation To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Test automation can help QA teams to keep up with accelerated digital transformation. Software teams can’t ignore test automation as it is an essential element of the DevOps process and is necessary to execute DevOps practices. Tools like Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete will evolve with new features to ease up automation. Performance, security, compatibility, and usability testing will be demanded by the QA and software testing market in 2021. Advanced tools and practices are expected to evolve in the coming years to make test automation utilization in business projects better and smarter.

#5 Security And Cybersecurity Will Become A Priority

Cybersecurity testing is gaining momentum in QA and software tests. It makes sure that the damage is minimal if downtime occurs and provides an in-depth analysis of organizational security posture to make sure hackers don’t exploit security vulnerabilities. Security tests identify the weak points that are prone to cyber thefts or attacks. Cybersecurity testing is the practice of testing systems, programs, networks, and applications to withstand cybercriminals. QA teams or cybersecurity testing will uncover the weaknesses within the applications and security will be the top priority in the coming years.

#6 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Will Gauge More Attention

RPA tools have a huge role to play across QA and software testing facets as organizations can establish a comprehensive test ecosystem. In 2021, AI and RPA will be used for automated testing and scrutinizing the automation reports. Hyper automation will gain momentum in the coming years. It is the blend of AI, ML, RPA, and intelligent business management software to minimize humans' involvement in different tasks.

#7 Power Of Automation And Agile Teams In Testing

Automation can manage the software and new builds that are prone to defects and manual errors. Agility in testing aims to execute the latest technologies as it requires a flexible and dynamic approach. Agile testing stresses continuous testing, continuous feedback, resolving bugs in real time, and to lessen the redundant tasks in test cases. Ultimately it aims to reduce the time to market.

#8 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning For Smarter Testing

Artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and machine learning will make testing smarter. They amplify the goal of automation and enhance the scope of testing in varied ways. AI and machine learning are the driving forces that can boost momentum. With AI-powered testing, we can easily track even the slightest deviations. With machine learning, the probability of errors gets reduced, testers can quickly find the bugs and understand their users’ needs well. They can also effectively deal with big data. In 2021, AI and ML applications will address issues related to quality prediction, prioritization of test cases, fault classification, and assignment to optimize testing processes.

#9 Adoption Of DevOps To Help QA Teams Develop Quality Products

As we have witnessed in Agile testing, DevOps also blurs those elements that keep the development and operations team apart and integrate and unify them. In 2021, DevOps will become more sophisticated in its approaches by adopting different tools and technologies. With testing in DevOps, testers are not only confined to functional testing or feature verification. They have started involving in operations testing, necessary security testing, and performance testing too. DevOps streamlines and automates the entire SDLC. Agile and DevOps improve time to market, high productivity, more efficiency, identification of bugs at early stages of SDLC, and lead to the development of quality products.

#10 Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Engineering (QE), And QAOps

QA as a process has always been the heart of the software industry as a whole. QA ensures product quality, and QE focuses on developing quality products. By succinctly adopting Agile and DevOps, QE focuses on a delightful customer experience by testing and optimizing resources to enhance efficiency. QAOps integrates QA and IT software operations to strengthen collaboration across the teams to develop quality-rich products. QAOps has an instrumental role in making sure the products are of high quality as faster delivery has become a priority. DevOps is merged with continuous testing to ensure the software changes are swiftly transferred to the CI/CD pipeline’s production phase. How Can Zymr’s Quality And Automation Help You Achieve New Business Horizons?Zymr provides technologically advanced, commercially viable, and economically feasible Quality and Automation services to help you develop stellar software products. Our team focuses on the automated testing of multiple mobile devices and browsers, either in the cloud or on the premises regardless of the framework. We provide a bundle of services, including product quality and QA automation, DevOps, continuous integration, continuous delivery, UX verification and validation, product quality as an outcome, and test automation strategy development to manage and fulfill all your business needs. Want to know more about how the industry’s leading professionals deploy the best quality engineering practices? Contact our expert team today!


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