The Role of ServiceNow in Cloud Orchestration

In the world of cloud service providers (CSPs), the manual provisioning and maintenance of virtual machine (VM) assets are an inefficient but necessary evil for IT professionals. It is bad enough to process new client orders and retire outdated solutions even if we exclude human error, but when we consider the complete service lifecycle of a client’s ever evolving maintenance needs, we see that the workload becomes increasingly untenable as your business grows.Now more than ever before, CSPs need automation and optimization of resources to alleviate the strain on administrators (without giving up precision control), reduce VM sprawl, and increase response time to end users. Equally important is the streamlining of portals and access points to use a simple and familiar service catalog, but this has been nearly impossible thus far because of the need to use multiple cloud management products that are nightmarish to integrate and often cause more problems than they solve. This is where ServiceNow establishes its crucial role in cloud orchestration.ServiceNow provides a complete solution that uses a simple, graphic, workflow-driven orchestration solution with a point-and-click interface that can even customize with the ServiceNow app creator tool. Everything about ServiceNow is designed to improve your enterprise’s ability to realize value quickly. With a wide library of out-of-the-box orchestration applications and templates that don’t require you to write your own code, ServiceNow will reduce costs for in-house training and reduce the workload on key staff and second-level specialists without compromising quality, compliance, or security. Together with the built-in ROI calculator, which allows you to measure the software’s immediate effect on your enterprise, you’ll be able to weigh your options and pinpoint your automation efforts on areas that produce the most benefit.ServiceNow allows IT to quickly build workflows by simply dragging pre-built orchestration activities into the workflow canvas, merging human and automated processes into a single platform and a single system of record. These activities work with Linux, Unix, and Windows to simplify the process of creating a reusable library of orchestration solutions fully customized to your enterprise. ServiceNow’s flexible, built-in runbook processes also work with VMware, PowerShell, Amazon EC2, SOAP, and SSH without the need to integrate additional cloud management software.In today’s evolving and fast paced world, clients expect a speedy turnaround on their queries, but what they really want is instant gratification. Ideally, they also want that immediate delivery without paying any extra for it. Impossible? No! ServiceNow’s orchestration and service automation platform empowers you to more accurately predict operational costs, reduce human error, increase job satisfaction, improve security, and automate costly, time-consuming tasks. Not only can you reduce your response time to meet and exceed client expectations, but ServiceNow will also make routine services like server reboots, password resets, VM provisioning, data or file transfers, software installation, diagnostics, and much cheaper for you to provide.ServiceNow’s cloud orchestration tools, therefore, serve a crucial role in accelerating your business and driving innovation forward so you can manage the cloud from the cloud.


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