How AI-driven robots are changing the dynamics of the healthcare industry.

Pillo is interactive, it can see, hear, speak, sense, and learn. "Pillo is redefining how the industry addresses medication non-adherence and is giving people some of their independence back," said Emanuele Musini, CEO of Pillo Health. Pillo sounds promising when it claims ‘taking care of your health will not be a tiresome task anymore’, as it will never let you deviate from your health regime.

When we talk about Pillo, it is a smart health assistant who can solve your critical health needs. The roots of the discovery of this device have deep ties with one of the co-founders, who experienced how non-adherence to the medical regime can make your health turn worse. However, this device is not just for elderly or ill people. Despite age and gender, this device is for everyone who wants to take good care of their health. In short, it is a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, and IoT.

Moving onto the software and technical part, the solution of this device features three components. Firstly, the development of Microservices in order to communicate with the device via Azure IoT Hub for publishing insights. Azure Iot Hub is an asset of Microsoft Azure, which is used to securely connect, observe and govern billions of devices to develop Internet of Things applications. It is an open as well as dynamic Cloud PaaS, which assists open-source SDKs and multiple protocols.

Secondly, a web application is used to configure the insights, publishing them to the device, and data analysis is done of the ‘insight response’. The web application is both, browser and device independent. If we talk about the security of microservices and web application, Azure active directory authentication (Azure AD) is used for authentication and authorization.

Thirdly, the Pub-Sub component is used for publishing insight response to respective subscribers for big data analysis. In software architecture, a Pub-Sub is a pattern where sender (publisher) does not send a message directly to an intended receiver (subscriber) but categorize messages in classes by not letting the subscribers know about it. They receive the message of their interest by not letting the publisher know about it.

What makes Pillo different from the rest?

Pillo is not like any other healthcare app or device which just reiterates what is being told. It is special and unique, as it can:

1) Remind you about the alerts and reminders which you set.

2) Store your medicines safely.

3) Re-order the medicines on its own.

4) Help you stick with your medical regime.

5) Make video calls to your relatives and doctors.

6) Convey your real-time healthcare data to your caregivers.

7) Sort pills on its own.

8) Dispense the medicines only to you after recognizing your face and voice.

9) Count calories and nutritional value in your food.

10) Deliver health-related as well as other queries related to general knowledge.

11) Be synced with other wireless and wearables.12) Ensure the safety of your data.

13) Act as your total wellness companion.

Let’s explore all of these points mentioned above in detail to get to know more about Pillo and its functionalities:

If you are suffering from chronic illness, Pillo can remind you doses of your medicines on time and store them in the cabinet safely for up to 28 days. As per research, 6 out of 10 Americans suffer from chronic illness. Pillo can assist you in effectively managing this tiresome “medication management”. It has used AI algorithms and is based on the face and voice recognition technology, by using cognitive services.

If you are the one who keeps forgetting about the scheduled appointments with your doctor, Pillo can set the alerts and reminders on the due dates for you. It can be your perfect health companion. Not sticking with the medical schedule can cause serious consequences. In the US, it almost results in wastage of around $289 billion a year and also causes a higher mortality rate.

You have to say "OK, Pillo. Remind me to drink a glass of warm water today at 5 pm

You can make video calls through Pillo, and always stay connected with your loved ones and caregivers. This cute little device can become your partner in “delivering a healthcare plan”. Apart from reminding about the medicines, it can also re-order them in advance to avoid stock-outs situations. Pillo can provide valuable real-time data, analyze it, and convey it to the respective health experts. It always keeps your loved ones under the loop through video calls and can also notify them in case of any such anomalies.

You need to add a list of all your Care friends in the app. Afterward, you can call them either through video or voice call directly from Pillo! You need to say "OK, Pillo - Call XYZ" and Pillo will take care of the rest!

As it will be easier for you to follow your medication routine, this piece of technology will decrease the chances of re-admission to the hospital. Now, You do not need to sort different pills, Pillo will do that for you. It keeps a record of the last time you took your dose and the time you skipped it. The same information will be conveyed to your caregivers too. It will thereby reduce the chances of emergencies.

You can quickly keep a tab on your calorie count and find the nutritional value in your food with Pillo’s intelligent notifications mechanism. If you are a fitness enthusiast, with Pillo by your side, you can track down your daily calorie consumption within the snap of your fingers. Apart from healthcare information, it can also deliver other essential instructions.

Moreover, this device can act like a total wellness programme for you from the moment you wake up in the morning, till the time you sleep at night. You can follow the prescribed healthcare plan with the support of Pillo. In your day to day lives, you can use “Pillo mobile application” by connecting it with your phone. It can also be synced with other wearable and wireless devices too.

Pillo can maintain the privacy, integrity, and confidentiality of data. Safety of data is a must, as on an average 17,000 patient records are compromised on a daily basis in the US. Pillo can safeguard your data safely in the cloud. It is a HIPAA compliant platform and is registered as an FDA Class 1 medical device. It will share the data only with the authorized parties.

In a nutshell, it is sensible technology with an emotional punch.

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