Accelerate Your Move To Cloud-Native With These Four Steps

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered economic and business challenges that have upended the corporate world. No one had ever imagined such distressing times to become an inescapable reality today. Cloud technology has appeared to be one of the powerful technologies that can empower CEOs to outmaneuver the pandemic's challenges. Corporates are geared up to jumpstart their cloud journey as the cloud has become the most crucial business imperative. Cloud-Native Application Development and Public Cloud Services have received tremendous traction as businesses have made up their minds to go cloud. In its one of the articles, Forbes has recently thrown light on how organizations can accelerate their move to cloud-native and public cloud after the pandemic. This blog will discuss the most critical points highlighting how you can cope with your cloud goals on getting started with the cloud journey.

What Now?

  • Businesses are rapidly heading to the path of cloud technology to keep up with the pace of ongoing digital disruption. Cloud has become a solid foundation for digital transformation, from digitizing the business processes to connecting with stakeholders, introducing new digital products or services to the market, enabling remote work culture, providing a secure and resilient infrastructure that ensures agility.
  • The pandemic has made the cloud journey more urgent and made the role of long-term and short-term cloud strategies more pivotal like never before. Businesses are taking short-term actions to address the pandemic's immediate needs and establish a long-term plan to accelerate cloud migration. The ultimate goal is to gear up the next business disruption that ensures success in the post-COVID world.
  • Cloud technology has become a necessity for IT organizations trying to cut their Capex or non-essential IT spending. Cloud service providers have become a backbone to ensure business continuity as remote work culture has become a priority and a new business reality. With the cloud, IT professionals can improve the pace of digitization and automation of IT infrastructure, strengthen the migrated workload's security posture, and streamline the operational workflow to weather disruption.

What Next?

  • Recent studies revealed that around 87% of enterprises would accelerate their cloud migration in a post-COVID world. Businesses can leverage the cloud to thrive in the business world to map a journey with a strategic plan focusing on cloud-centric IT environments to fast-track digital transformation process, replace solutions with enterprise-class cloud services, ensure business continuity, automate business processes, and migrate from legacy to cloud-native systems.
  • Moving the mission-critical systems to cloud native environments or public cloud can be challenging. Putting the existing system and cloud native environments under one common automation scheme, multi-cloud orchestration and management platform can help corporates accelerate the move and withstand the complexities.
  • Corporates must break the automation silos leveraging an ‘orchestrator of orchestrator approach’ that puts all automation platforms under a common management layer as silos appear due to lack of common automation and management. Automation templates are used as the building block within an automation environment, and workflows are executed in varied cloud infrastructures.
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaaC) injects agility to infrastructure and operations through infrastructure transformation. IaaC converts reactive operations into proactive models for teams to create APIs for developers and businesses. Incorporate these principles to the entire organization stack to experience agility across the whole stack as IaaC can revolutionize the infrastructure management.
  • The novel Coronavirus has placed immense pressure on businesses to accelerate their move to cloud-native and public clouds. Automation silos and multi-clouds together can speed up the transformation by merging the mission-critical system and public cloud services under a consistent management and automation framework.
  • Partnering with an experienced cloud migration service provider makes a move successful as the migration often falls if the applications failed to adapt to the cloud. Cloud needs a cohesive strategy, a shared responsibility model, strong governance, and security, and compliance. Corporates need to bring in the stakeholders where everyone is a part of the change to fast-track business agility and digitalization with the cloud.

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