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Cloud Security Solutions that Neutralize Emerging Threats

As technology evolves, companies struggle to keep pace with the latest cloud security trends. For a Chief Security Officer, the blurring of the enterprise perimeter has created thousands of potential holes through employee mobile devices. Complexity has multiplied exponentially as security teams struggle to simultaneously address X-aaS paradigms, cloud storage, cloud DLP, web and mobile security, cyber-security, federated identity management and other challenges. Standard cloud security solutions are not effective across all workloads due to the complexities brought in by applications using different types of databases and middleware. Zymr has worked closely with several leading cloud security companies to build cutting-edge, fit for purpose, security solutions. From choosing the best architectural standards to develop bespoke Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Data Encryption and Cybersecurity solutions, to implementing automated testing for security compliance standards, such as PCI and HIPAA, and audit control of sensitive information; Zymr has done it all.

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What Our Customers Say

Working with Zymr was excellent. As our de facto offshore engineering team, Zymr managed the entire project with rigorous agility and a keen eye for relevant open source frameworks. The team is responsible, committed and proactive. I would recommend Zymr to anybody looking for assured results.

John Canfield John Canfield Founder, Nimbler World

Cloud Security Solutions for Data

Data security is a fundamental concern for users and stakeholders across enterprise and consumer applications. We offer experience in securing data across several types of use cases, using techniques such as the proper segregation of multi-tenant data stores, encrypting sensitive data in databases, DLP, e-discovery, policy-based access control and others. We help cloud security companies build solutions that secure high velocity data through a variety of use cases including SaaS, DaaS, cloud storage, big data analytics, cloud mobility, data-at-rest, data backup and retention.

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Features of Data Security

Cloud Security Solutions for Networks

Network security includes a variety of tools at the DMZ, handling VPN and branch-office accesses, deploying NGFW, Web Proxy and other techniques. Many security services are evolving into the managed service paradigm with the use of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and service-chaining technologies. For cloud-based services like SaaS, network security also protects against DDoS attacks. We offer an extremely strong networking background coupled with extensive experience in the network security space.

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Features of Network Security

  • DPI

    DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) in real-time is a critical requirement for managing modern network security challenges. From Web Proxy to IDS/IPS, DPI works to extract information from the metadata of network flows. The payload can then be compared with fingerprints and other machine learning techniques to identify threats. Zymr builds network security solutions based on DPI.

  • NFV

    Moving network security to an NFV (Network Virtual Function) with service-chaining is the most effective way to support sophisticated network security services. Along with NFV, management and orchestration are key to integrating NFV into carrier and large enterprise networks. Zymr builds effective NFV based cloud security solutions owing to our strong networking heritage.

  • Cyber-Security

    Erecting a perimeter defense at the DMZ is no longer adequate to tackle modern threats. Nefarious attacks lay hidden within the corporate network, morphing into APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). Zymr’s solutions manage real-world cybersecurity threats by graphing ATPs using graph databases like neo4j and visualization techniques like d3.js.

    Cloud Security Solutions for Applications

    For SaaS vendors it is imperative that application data is secure regardless of which panes are used to access it. The digital business era demands a greater accessibility of services through APIs to enable ecosystem connectors. We make security a part of the development cycle, embedding application testing into every stage of the workflow, to develop secure SaaS solutions.

    Cloud Security Solutions

    Features of Application Security

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    Work with the same high quality software development teams that have worked with many successful Silicon Valley startups, and enterprises. We have been a partner of choice for some of the most discriminating tech leaders and tier-1 venture capitalists due to our cutting-edge skills, agility and attitude.

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