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  • zymr-apache-pig-join-group-cogroup-operations
    Authored byWalker R.on Feb 09, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Apache Pig’s Join, Group, CoGroup Operations

    Pig does not have the concept of an intersection.  Instead the usual approach to seeing whether there is common data in two sets A and B is to join them and then see which element in A does not exist in B.  That looks kind of messy and one wonders why that is not part […]

  • zymr-cassandra-transaction-integrity-for-e-commerce-applications
    Authored byAnnie I.on Feb 06, 2017 in Topic Technology
    How to Tune Cassandra Transaction Integrity for E-Commerce Applications

    Transaction integrity refers to the way data transforms or updates other data. The result should be a real reflection of the combination of the original data and the new transactions. Sometimes it refers to having an accurate record of each transaction. Why Transaction Integrity is Crucial Transaction Integrity is important whenever the failure of any […]

  • zymr-on-ios-app-design-patterns
    Authored byJulia S.on Jan 09, 2017 in Topic Technology
    iOS App Design Patterns – One Interesting Pattern That Can Help (With Code Examples)

    Design patterns make programmers jobs just that little bit easier. And if you’re a programmer you’ll know that the easiest way to get your job done is always the best way. Design patterns are templates for creating software using a repeatable process. These templates are applied to a common problem to help reduce the risk […]

  • zymr-cloud-considerations-for-devops-organizations
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 29, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Cloud Considerations for DevOps Organizations

    Way back, we used to be able to determine resource requirements easily. We knew how many transactions our mainframe/mini computers could handle a minute, and we knew how many transactions our staff were likely to action per minute. If there was a disparity, we simply upgraded vertically. Fast forward to today and the situation is […]

  • zymr-what-is-iot-coap-protocol
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 28, 2016 in Topic Technology
    What is IoT CoAP Protocol?

    CoAP Protocol (Constrained Application Protocol) is a web-based protocol that has been specifically designed to connect small, semi-intelligent devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). CoAP Protocol works with constrained nodes and constrained networks, to facilitate the compartmentalized deployment of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions comprising of a multitude of network-enabled devices. Or to put things a […]

  • zymr-scala-spark-linear-regression-example
    Authored byWalker R.on Dec 26, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Scala Spark ML Linear Regression Example

    Here we provide an example of how to do linear regression using the Spark ML (machine learning) library and Scala. We will do multiple regression example, meaning there is more than one input variable. The goal is to read sample data and then train the Spark linear regression model. From there we can make predicted […]

  • zymr-ux-design-in-devops-world
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 26, 2016 in Topic Technology
    UX Design in the DevOps World

    If you have ever worked with or for a printing firm, you will undoubtedly know about the rift that often exists between designers and the actual people who put ink on paper. The designers think the printers are being overly awkward and restrictive when they inform the designer that something is impossible to achieve. The […]

  • zymr-exploiting-cloud-technology-to-capture-time-series-data
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 23, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Exploiting Cloud Technology to Capture Time-Series Data

    In the current, connected environment, it is very easy to trap ourselves by believing that every device, and every application, has access to a reliable, low latency network connection. And whilst this may generally be true, for some applications, it is not enough. Consider for a moment how often your 3G/4G mobile internet connection bombs […]

  • zymr-riak-for-iot-time-series-aggregation
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 23, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Riak for IoT Time Series Aggregation

    Riak is at heart, a NoSQL-style data storage engine. Where Riak differs from other NoSQL database platforms is in the fact it has been developed and optimized to handle massive amounts of sequential, small sized data packets. Furthermore, Riak is intended to collect data from IoT devices. When we combine these two differentiators, we find […]

  • zymr-an-introduction-to-tick-stack-for-iot
    Authored byAli R.on Dec 20, 2016 in Topic Technology
    An Introduction to TICK stack for IoT

    The TICK Stack is a collection of associated technologies which combine to deliver a platform for storing, capturing, monitoring and visualizing data that is in time series. The TICK stack consists of the following technologies: Telgeraf – collection of tie sequential data from a range of sources including IoT devices. InfluxDB – high performance and […]


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