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  • zymr-docker-swarm-cluster
    Authored byRaseel B.on Apr 10, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Docker Swarm Cluster: What to Know

    The utilization of Docker Swarm allows IT administrators to develop, establish, and manage a quadrant of Docker nodes to function as a virtual system. With the powerful clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers, administrators and developers can capitalize on editing container iterations (add or subtract) as demands change. Clustering Capabilities Clustering has been known […]

  • zymr-how-to-best-use-underscore
    Authored byHarsh R.on Apr 02, 2017 in Topic Technology
    How to Best Use Underscore.m

    Underscore.m, is a functional toolbelt for Objective-C. It is a small utility library written by Robert Bohnke. Designed to facilitate working with common data structure within Objective-C, its core functionality revolves around the encouragement of chaining through square brackets. Underscore.m is actually inspired by Underscore.js and utilizes a similar structure. Underscore.m helps developers extract and […]

  • zymr-pdns
    Authored byRaseel B.on Apr 02, 2017 in Topic Technology
    PowerDNS: Why You Should Use This Powerful Tool

    PowerDNS, or PDNS is the open source DNS software that helps to resolve namespaces in companies all over the world, such as Wikipedia. The original version of PowerDNS is an authoritative DNS server that is available on UNIX systems, which is not only fast but jam packed with features, too. Originally a propriety solution, PowerDNS […]

  • zymr-dissecting-docker-swarm-elastic
    Authored byRaseel B.on Mar 20, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Dissecting Docker Swarm Elastic

    Docker and Elasticsearch both have the properties and capabilities to function hand-in-hand in an optimal fashion – due to their elasticity. As most developers are aware already, running Elasticsearch clusters on Docker Swarm is relatively difficult due to the fact that the user must specify their IP addresses of ALL master nodes in order to […]

  • zymr-cloud-ide-eclipse-che
    Authored byYogesh Kon Mar 13, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Cloud IDE Eclipse Che

    Everyone’s favorite Java IDE, Eclipse, goes clouded with Eclipse Che. It’s so much more than an IDE though, it’s the perfect framework for creating projects that are hosted in the cloud, it makes projects simple to manage, run, set up, and it removes frustrations that arise between the developer and IT staff. What Problem Does […]

  • zymr-choosing-a-php-framework-for-cloud-application
    Authored byRohit Von Mar 06, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Choosing a PHP Framework for Cloud Applications

    Websites are becoming more complex than ever in today’s technologically advanced society. The number of PHP frameworks out there is vast and plentiful for the average designer. Notably speaking, PHP frameworks are responsible for backing over 80% of today’s web pages on the Internet. Choosing a PHP framework that will prove beneficial for one’s website […]

  • zymr-approach-of-scaling-millions-user-amazon-aws-microservices
    Authored byJay K.on Feb 28, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Approach for Scaling to Millions of Users on Amazon AWS Using Microservices

    Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, grants the freedom to build a business their way, regardless of the use or industry. Thousands upon thousands of customers have joined AWS to save both time and money. Amazon, being the enormous business that is only beginning to expand, can manage a business owner’s infrastructure without worrying […]

  • zymr-vert-x-vs-crossbar-io
    Authored byYogesh Kon Feb 24, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Vert.x Vs

    In the world of complex server applications, numerous next-gen server apps are providing unique features to enhance one’s ability to implement a variety of application components. Vert.x introduces a compelling design that offers users a multitude of ways to freely design reactive applications. utilizes Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) within an application router system […]

  • zymr-wamp-new-rpm-and-pubsub-project-implementation
    Authored byRohit Von Feb 21, 2017 in Topic Technology
    WAMP: A New RPM and PubSub Project and Its Implementation of The “AutoBahn” Project

    The utilization of WAMP, or Web Application Messaging Protocol allows developers to access an open WebSocket protocol for use with a variety of different coding languages. One of the reasons why WAMP is implemented in numerous settings is that one can communicate in real-time as well as construct an assortment of distributed systems comprised of […]

  • zymr-getting-started-with-apache-pig
    Authored byNirmal Son Feb 17, 2017 in Topic Technology
    Getting Started with Apache Pig

    Apache Pig makes running operations against data in Hadoop far easier than coding that in Java, which is the most common way to work with Hadoop data without Pig.  Hadoop, itself, is written in Java.  What Pig does is make really simple MapReduce operations by providing a simple syntax for that, similar to SQL.  MapReduce […]


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