Zero-Latency by our Hero Team

By now the whole world is deep in the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy is facing an unprecedented challenge and we wish nothing but the best to our clients, our employees, and our partners around the world who are facing these dark times with dignity and grace.

At Zymr, we are focused on keeping our employees safe and productive, and have conducted several all-hands meetings to support them. Zymr was an early mover in India to announce a “work-from-home” policy as we continue to lead the way ahead of our larger competitors.

Zymr prides itself on our client-first and team-first culture. Zymr has from its inception adopted a robust secure cloud-infrastructure and provided all our employees with the best resources and laptops to be productive from anywhere. We continue to foster transparency and collaboration with our clients and within our teams. We are proud to share that our teams have continued to meet our delivery targets without missing a beat thanks to our mature agile delivery processes.

Here are some key takeaways from the ground reality at Zymr as observed over the past six weeks


Our productivity, as measured by the velocity of sprints, has actually gone up on average by 10%. We attribute this to the reduced pressure of commuting and a more vigilant collaboration between our teams and clients.


Team members are cultivating their technical skills by taking additional courses through Harvard Extension Learning, Udemy, virtual hackathons, and sharing their knowledge with each other.


Our team morale and creativity is higher than ever. We are sharing art in cooking, exercise, painting, music, family-time, caring for elders, and even enjoying virtual happy hours every week.


Our teams have stepped up their support for local under-served communities.

Despite the hardship, Zymr’s culture is stronger than ever. We are proud of our Zymrians who have transitioned smoothly and maintain zero-latency while working from home. We have also announced a “no-layoff” policy during this crisis and sustained commitment to our team.

Thank you to all the clients who have reached out to us to recognize our teams for keeping our commitments towards our milestones. We look forward to a seamless continuation of our creativity and productivity for the whole Zymr ecosystem.

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