Cloud computing
by Zymr
18th Apr 2022
Cloud security
by Zymr
20th Aug 2018

Security is a never-ending task. As soon as you counter the threat in one place, the black hatters shift tactics and attack from a different angle and with different threat signatures and techniques.

managing api security by using tokenization
by Zymr
26th Jan 2016

Applications can expose their APIs over the internet via web services.  In order to use the web service, the calling application needs to authenticate, if that is required (An unsecured API would have no authentication.).

ZYMR 153
by Zymr
22nd Dec 2015

In the Middle Ages, when a lord, duke, or king wanted to defend his castle against marauders he built a moat and high walls. But this outward-looking strategy fell apart when the invader brought boats, ladders, and siege machines.

Skyport secure hyper security
by Zymr
01st Dec 2015

If operating systems, routers, firewalls, and bios can be hacked then one obvious solution is to remove all of those and isolate their software and firmware from the server.

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