Business Value

Zymr developed an engaging SocialTech platform that helped users rapidly create web, blog and portfolio sites without templates and coding.

Solution Map

  • Verticals

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  • Domains

    • Applications

    • Mobility

    • Orchestration

    • Infrastructure

    • Security

    • Analytics/AI

  • Practices

    • Development

    • Quality Engineering

    • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Delivery

    • UX / UI

    • Cloudops

System Architecture

Software Implementation

Zymr’s full-stack development team helped qualify the ASEAN stack and implemented a microservices architecture on Node.js with ZeroMQ, to meet the most demanding responsiveness, performance and scalability goals.
This social platform was built from a cutting-edge open-source application stack called ASEAN (AeroSpike NoSQL DB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js). This is similar to the MEAN stack, except that MongoDB is replaced with Aerospike NoSQL DB.
Zymr also implemented the Web Portal and iOS App for this platform.


Zymr followed an agile development process to deliver a highly responsive and scalable cloud app using the modern cloud stack. The use of two of Zymr’s ready-to-use technology frameworks – Zui and ZiOS – helped in the delivery of a stable product at much lower risk and shorter time-to-market. The use of AeroSpike NoSQL DB was a huge win. Zymr’s DevOps team worked to launch this platform on Amazon AWS, using autoscaled EC2 VMs, ELBs, Nginx, Route 53, CloudFront CDN and S3. The iOS app was developed and launched on Apple’s App store. Zymr’s team collaborated with the customer to leverage an analysis of the engagement to plan future enhancements. The app was also deployed for a premier educational customer for student engagement.

Implementation ToolBox

  • Frontend
    • Angular.js
    • Bootstrap.js
    • Zymr ZiOS
    • D3.js
    • JavaScript
  • Backend
    • Node.js
    • AeroSpike DB
    • ElasticDB
    • LogStash
    • Kibana
  • Resource
    • Zymr Taos
    • IoT
    • Networks
    • Servers
    • Storage
  • Process
    • Jira
    • Zephyr
    • Jenkins
    • Maven
    • Balsamiq
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