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Rise Of The Sharing Economy

Companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, WeWork, etc. have pioneered a new global Sharing Economy through business models that unlock value from assets people already have, but are not able to use all the time. Estimated to grow from USD 14 billion in 2014 to USD 335 billion in 2025, the Sharing Economy has transformed the manner in which business is conducted in traditional industries such as travel, hospitality, real estate, retail, media, and more. Also known as Gig Economy, Access Economy, Platform Economy and Collaborative Consumption, this peer-to-peer activity of sharing access to products or services, coordinated through online channels, has resulted in a major expansion in the scope of digital businesses. The extraordinary valuations of Uber and AirBnB, the two leading companies operating in this industry, are indicative of the tremendous growth potential of this sector.

The Role Of Software Solutions

Software is the foundation of the Sharing Economy. Essential for both facilitating the sharing of goods and services as well as managing delivery and customers, technologies like SaaS applications, distributed systems, software-defined infrastructure, and big data analytics make the Sharing Economy possible.

Businesses that want to enter this industry, or gain an edge over competitors, must constantly invest in software solutions that consistently improve upon community build-out, adaptability, interoperability and scalability. The ability to leverage data to make business decisions and the accessibility of business management systems is what differentiates market leaders from their competition.

The Zymr Advantage

With its deep expertise in developing custom applications that have elastic scalability without compromising security, building end-to-end application infrastructure for IoT, Big Data analytics, orchestrating location-based services, and UX design, Zymr has been a development partner of choice for companies seeking to enter the Sharing Economy and succeed.

Zymr can not only build robust, intuitive, on-demand software platforms from the ground up in a few months, but can also continually add new features and improve the code quality of an existing backend. A key component in Zymr’s ability to rapidly build out feature-rich applications for the Sharing Economy has been its SantaFe cloud application framework, which is vendor-neutral, fully customizable, and leverages open source libraries.

Our Domain Expertise

California based,​ ​ Zymr, Inc., believes in leveraging its significant technology domain expertise to build cutting-edge cloud technology solutions for IT, Social, HealthCare, and FinTech markets. Our software development services produce solutions customized to your exact requirements.

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    Cloud Applications

    Cloud Enterprise & Social SaaS Apps - XaaS, Big Data, Social, Dashboards, IoT, E-commerce

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    Cloud Security

    Cloud InfoSec and Cyber Security - DLP, Encryption, Data-in-motion, Data-at-rest, Data-in-use

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    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure - Wi-Fi, SDN, SD-WAN, Network, Compute, Storage, Virtualization, Power

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    Cloud Orchestration

    Cloud Orchestration and Management - SaaS, Network, Storage, Security, IoT, DCIM, ITSM, NMS

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    Cloud Mobility

    Cloud Enterprise & Social Mobility Apps - JavaScript Web UI, native iOS and native Android apps

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    Cloud Analytics/AI

    Cloud Analytics using private cloud, AWS, Azure, or GCE. Experts at Spark, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Storm, Samza, Java, Python, C#

Our Technology Practices

Our agile technology and cloud consulting practitioners use full-stack and open-source development skills to deliver your concepts to the cloud.

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    Full-Stack Developers - Web, UI, Mobile Apps - Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, NoSQL, xUnit, Karma.JS
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    Cloud Operations

    Supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Rackspace. Performs Managed Microservices, Docker Swarms, Kubernetes, Workload Management across all Clouds and Cross-Platform Automation.
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    Quality Engineering

    QE Tester - Automated testing - mock, functional, performance, scalability - Selenium, Robot, Appium
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    Continuous Integration

    CI DevOps - Automated builds - integrated code-analysis and code-review - Jenkins, FindBugs
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    Continuous Delivery

    CD Continuous Delivery - Automate cloud delivery - AWS, Azure, GCE, OpenStack - Docker, Chef, Puppet, Python
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    UX / UI

    UX Designers - Ontology, Wireframes, Interactions, Visual Designs, Usability - Balsamiq, Axure, InVision

Featured Case Study

Social Media App Development

Social Platform for Local Transit

The client, Nimbler World, Inc., realized that the full value of transport networks can only be unlocked by easy-to-use hyperlocal apps, that match transportation demand with supply across public transportation, shuttles, vanpools, taxis, bicycles, carpools, loaner cars, and personal cars form a large and complex network. It decided to build user-friendly iOS apps for several metro areas in the US leveraging a common cloud platform that enabled social and transportation choices, provided geolocation transit data to map out multi-modal transportation options, had real-time feed integration with public and private transportation APIs.

“Smartsourcing” an agile development
partner can be a strategic business advantage

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