Mobile Apps That Drive Business Growth

With a rapid increase in the number of smart mobile devices, mobile has become the medium of choice for businesses to connect with customers and employees alike. However, from ensuring that your app either solves problems or optimizes processes per your business idea, providing users features that result in increased engagement and revenue, to delivering amazing UX that extends beyond mere functionality, mobile app development can be a painstaking process in terms of:

Choosing the right development model: Native/Hybrid/Cross-Platform/Mobile-web

Developing a robust backend architecture

Ensuring compatibility with 3rd party resources i.e. APIs, databases

Assuring data security

Zymr delivers end-to-end mobile app development services that help businesses provide users a more intuitive experience across devices, fully leveraging the game-changing potential of mobility. Our apps use personalization to avoid cumbersome menus, and seamlessly integrate features such as location awareness and social feeds. With expertise that spans a variety of verticals such as health, finance, social and retail, among others, Zymr has also built its own cutting-edge mobile frameworks that accelerate the development of modern mobile applications, significantly cutting down Time to Market.

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Comprehensive Mobile App Development Solutions

Design Driven UX

We deal with the challenge of UX design in the following three ways: a passionate and creative UX design team, use-case driven interaction architecture, and an ingrained agile development process. This synergy leads to the conservation of design considerations, which may otherwise be lost during the development process.

RESTful API Handling

We are adept at handling REST APIs for interaction between the mobile app client and the backend. Additionally, we also develop internal APIs to provide systematic access to business side resources as well. Integration of third party APIs and interlinking of internal API resources enables our clients to offer a seamless data flow across devices.

Mobile Analytics

We equip our mobile apps with the ability to capture and leverage user behaviour for positive innovation. Data-driven insights in form of UX analytics and business analytics empower our clients to collect and analyze data for generating business value and enhancing user experience.

Customer Centric Mobile App Development Solutions

We Build Compelling Native, Cross-Platform, and Hybrid Apps

Our developers specialize in building robust and scalable mobile applications for different domains with a deep focus on design and UX.

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Touch ID
  • iBeacon
  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
    Apple TV
  • XCode 8
    XCode 8
  • Cocoa Touch
    Cocoa Touch
  • iMessage Apps
  • In App Purchases
    In App Purchases
  • CocoaPods
    Cocoa Pods
  • Core Data
    Core Data
  • AFNetworking
  • 3D Touch
    3D Touch
  • SiriKit
  • HealthKit
  • CallKit

Given the large variety of mobile devices under the Android ecosystem, developing an app that scores high on compatibility and consistency can be an intricate task. Zymr is proficient in meeting the most challenging requirements with Android and delivering high performance native apps.

  • Java
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • Beacon
  • Material Design
    Material Design
  • In App purchase
    In App purchase
  • Android Wear
    Android Wear
  • Android TV
    Android TV
  • Kotlin
  • BLE Integration
    BLE Integration
  • Google Firebase
    Google Firebase
  • Responsive App UI
    Responsive App UI
  • Sensor
  • Google Fit
    Google Fit
  • RetroFit
  • Youtube Player SDK
    Youtube Player SDK

Our deep experience in developing web apps for the enterprise and the consumer segments, coupled with our capability to develop native apps for different mobile platforms, enables us to deliver hybrid cross platform apps and progressive web apps by leveraging the power of Ionic and Angular frameworks.

  • HTML5
  • Angular JS
    Angular JS
  • Ionic

Our prowess with C# and .NET technologies, along with our deep experience in developing native apps, enables us to deploy cross platform native apps via the Xamarin framework.

  • Xamarin for Visual Studio
    Xamarin for Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
    Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin Forms
    Xamarin Forms

What Our Customers Say

Working with Zymr was excellent. As our de facto offshore engineering team, Zymr managed the entire project with rigorous agility and a keen eye for relevant open source frameworks. The team is responsible, committed and proactive. I would recommend Zymr to anybody looking for assured results.

John Canfield Founder, Nimbler World

Zymr designed and developed the visualization tier for our new security analytics product. Their efforts have scaled and driven value across multiple deployments including an industrial Internet of Things.

Tom Caldwell President, Cyberflow Analytics

Zymr was a great partner and helped us get to our alpha product release as mandated! The Zymr team had a deep understanding of modern web architectures, advanced cloud services and related technologies, which significantly reduced our time to market.

T. R. Ramachandran Co-founder @ CEO. Kanvz

Uber-Style Social Local Transit Apps

The client, a Sharing Economy startup, believed that the full value of transport networks can only be unlocked by easy-to-use hyperlocal apps, that match transportation demand with supply across public transportation, shuttles, vanpools, taxis, bicycles, carpools, loaner cars, and personal cars form a large and complex network. They decided to build user-friendly iOS apps targeted at several metro areas in the US. The idea behind the apps was to leverage a common cloud platform that enables social and transportation choices, provides geolocation transit data to map out multi-modal transportation options, features real-time feed integration with public and private transportation APIs, provides social sharing and personalization through concepts like machine learning, multi-tenancy etc. The client partnered with Zymr to build these apps due to Zymr’s full-stack software engineering expertise, and in-depth experience in critical areas like cloud infrastructure, security and orchestration.

Zymr decided to use the Spring Integration framework as the cloud middleware, with MongoDB as a NoSQL database for the application. Zymr built a multi-tenancy social SaaS platform and implemented all the cloud services required for it. For the front-end, a set of five iOS applications were designed, developed and continuously enhanced based on feedback. Zymr also provided extensive QE and testing services for these apps.

The result was a complete cloud services solution along with a set of highly rated (4+ stars) apps on the app store. Right from planning the overlay architecture of the cloud server to building beautiful iPhone Apps that provided real-time transit routes, integrating with public and private transportation networks, and testing, Zymr handled it all. One of the biggest challenges for this project was the varying response time when new routes were requested by the user. The Zymr team solved this problem with a few iterative development steps that included profiling, tuning, refactoring and code-reviews, bringing the response time to a consistent 2 to 4 seconds.

Propel Innovation

Work with the same high quality software development teams that have worked with many successful Silicon Valley startups, and enterprises. We have been a partner of choice for some of the most discriminating tech leaders and tier-1 venture capitalists due to our cutting-edge skills, agility and attitude.

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