ZYMR Microservices

Modernize legacy apps with a well-designed microservices architecture.

Microservices architecture makes application development, testing, and deployment easier by enhancing modularity. It is a service-oriented architecture with a bundle of loosely coupled services. We can help you leverage microservices architecture to effectively build single-page cross-platform apps, corporate sites, collaborative platforms, business web apps, high-load websites, enterprise web, and intranet portal. Our expertise extends from creating a microservices app from scratch, adding new parts to an existing app to revamping your legacy apps.

As a technological partner, we have collaborated with diverse organizations of Silicon Valley and beyond. Our top-notch strategies and consulting services have helped our clients to capitalize on the microservices architecture. With a team of highly experienced developers, we thoroughly analyze business problems and deliver the services that fit your business needs. We help you decide the best-in-class processes, frameworks, and tools, with which you can seamlessly develop new applications or migrate the existing monolithic applications into ones based on the microservices architecture.

Our Services

  • Microservices Assessment

    Microservices Assessment

    Develop a roadmap, maximize performance, and realize goals with assessment services like risk management, process analysis, and IT project management.

  • Microservices Migration

    Microservices Migration

    Overcome the hurdles while migrating from a legacy system or monolithic app to a microservices architecture with our state-of-the-art development practices.

  • Microservices custom app development

    Microservices custom app development

    Businesses can develop loosely coupled Agile apps with our app development services for cloud, mobile, and IoT with the use of microservices architecture.

  • Microservices adoption

    Enterprise microservices adoption

    Automate DevOps. Create mobile, IoT, and cloud apps with microservices to develop a continuous deployment environment.

  • Microservices integration

    Microservices integration

    We develop microservices with a well-framed API-led integration strategy, our customized integration tools develop legacy apps and application databases.

  • Microservices testing

    Microservices testing and support

    Authenticate and validate workflow processes with maintenance services that provide continuous support and help you enhance quality by minimizing the defects.

Why Zymr?

  • Specialized in developing and deploying microservice-based apps for the cloud, mobile, and IoT.
  • Proven Agile development methodology and DevOps that deliver applications at an unmatched speed.
  • Cross-functional teams of expert developers, engineers, testers, and designers to solve issues related to SDLC.
  • Versatile services to help you realize business goals whether you are a budding start-up or top-notch organization.