Cyber Security Services

Our Expertise


We’re at ease with working on complex data security challenges like data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-in-use. We have extensively collaborated with cybersecurity companies to build solutions that cover advanced data encryption, security compliance, etc.


We build solutions for network security in order to protect web traffic, network flows, email traffic, and more. Our experience in developing solutions for cybersecurity/cloud security include cybersecurity for IoT networks, which analyze the flow of networks for identifying Advanced Persistent Threats, Network DLP, and many more.


We build robust solutions for cloud application security by targeting security threats for both web and mobile. We have built and tested SaaS apps in compliance with standards suggested by the OWASP or Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

IoT and Enterprise Cybersecurity

Traditional enterprise and industrial IoT network security solutions are heavily reliant on outmoded technologies that fail against advanced threats that utilize multiple attack vectors. As pure prevention becomes an unviable strategy, enterprises are shifting focus towards building rapid threat detection and response capabilities. How can previously undetected threats be swiftly discovered and escalated to relevant personnel for the response?
Zymr put together a highly responsive agile development team and experienced architects to build the final solution leveraging its domain expertise in MongoDB, UX design, and advanced web UI using application-aware JavaScript code. Our proprietary cloud middleware framework, SantaFe, was leveraged to reduce time to market and development risk by providing a solid extensible framework with common cloud platform services.

We also engaged its teams and infrastructure for comprehensive DevOps services to enable quick deployment on popular enterprise virtualization environments and Amazon AWS. Zymr built a full-stack CloudTech cybersecurity manager capable of visualizing the threat matrix for enterprises and providing actionable intelligence to manage these threats. Zymr’s contributions to completing the cyber security solution with a custom-built security management and orchestration platform, leveraging SantaFe, were a huge success. The cybersecurity solution has been showcased in many industry forums, such as RSA Conferences, and won awards for its UX and UI. The solution is gaining traction in security Industrial IoT environments, and with large Enterprise customers.