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JavaScript For Extended Functionality
JavaScript Development Services

Develop, design, and deliver next-gen apps that offer phenomenal user experiences.

We hold a demonstrated work experience across core JavaScript Programming and JavaScript Frameworks to provide you with innovative solutions.

React Native
Our JavaScript Services
JavaScript Consulting Services

Our JavaScript developers would help you create high-quality codes to wrap up the projects quickly. We are highly skilled in React, Angular, Node.js, and Vue.js to develop high-performing and manageable apps. Experience our world-class consulting services that help you select the proper JavaScript framework for your project. Accelerate the pace of development with us.

  • Assessments and recommendations.
  • Multi-functional apps.
  • Tool-agnostic approaches.
  • App enhancements.
Front End UI

We have deep expertise in delivering unique and interactive apps. Our teams use versatile JavaScript language to provide customized business and user-centric solutions. We have long-established a good microservice architecture for our cloud-native backend services. It’s time to apply the same principles to our frontends using component-based UI development.

  • Bit, Piral, SystemJS, Single SPA, Luigi, and other frameworks.
  • User-friendly interfaces and design-studio.
  • JavaScript micro frontend.
  • Microservices-style micro frontends.
React JS Development Services

Develop dynamic, stunning, and highly-scalable web and mobile apps with our ReactJS development services. We help you build dynamic UI with great flexibility to create large, isomorphic, and complex apps. Our teams can manage everything right from ReactJS custom development to UI/UX, migration, and support services to render high performance.

  • Open-source JavaScript library.
  • Code reusability.
  • Customized plugins and extensions.
  • DOM model support.
AngularJS Development Services

Build dynamic apps and experience a seamless web performance with AngularJS. It is an open source framework and a fastest growing JavaScript framework. Our dedicated developers have a rich experience in working across simple and complex projects. We can help you simplify app development with AngularJS. Convert your idea into a functional app with us.

  • Structured client-side JavaScript MVC framework.
  • Designs into working prototypes.
  • Testing.
  • Interactive and data-driven single-page apps.
Node.js Development Services

Develop real-time and function-rich apps with our Node.js development services. We deliver business-oriented solutions across different verticals—experience how Node.js offers a seamless experience when integrated with API development. The new uses of node.js is in context of serverless computing, where we build node functions in AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and function-as-a-service frameworks.

  • Open-source platform.
  • Shared repository of tools and modules.
  • Use of Node.js as microservice.
  • Node development on server-side and serverless environments.
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Case Studies

Our Successes

AIOperations (AIOps) Automation for Data Centers

Zymr helped FixStream release its first-gen cutting-edge data center operations analytics suite, discover multi-vendor IT networking, compute and storage tiers, and visualize relationships between apps and IT infrastructure.

Let’s Work Together
Case Studies
What Our Clients Say
Rini Singh

Mozzaz has relied on Zymr to be its solid development partner for the past several years. They have helped us build our enterprise Digital Healthcare platform used by premier healthcare organizations worldwide

Rini Singh CEO and Co-Founder, Mozzaz
John Ayers

Zymr took on the challenge to rapidly implement security device models for 50+ enterprise networking products, such as Cisco, F5, Okta, Aruba, Crowdstrike, Checkpoint, etc., for our SIEM solution.

John Ayers EVP Product Management, Nuspire
Shyam Maddali

We have been working with Zymr to enhance our financial risk assessment platform for the past several years with the highest quality and agility and manage billions of dollars of payments secure from fraud.

Shyam Maddali Senior Director of Engineering, WePay/Chase
Sameer Padhye

Zymr leveraged deep competencies to build a highly scalable, cloud-native architecture for our AIOps analytics platform. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable and agile product engineering.

Sameer Padhye CEO and Founder, FixStream Networks
Ameesh Divatia

Zymr worked with us to accelerate our security orchestration product development and successfully launched it on AWS. We are impressed by their commitment and on-time delivery.

Ameesh Divatia Founder/CEO, Baffle, Inc.
William Vo

Zymr helped with AWS cloud-native architecture and brought the Agile development discipline to build from concept a comprehensive FinTech solution for the US Chapter-11 Corporate Bankruptcy Management platform.

William Vo Director of Engineering, Stretto
Kamlesh Mehta

Zymr has assisted us to deliver the full power and rich analytics of Virsec directly into a customer’s preferred platform.

Kamlesh Mehta SVP Engineering, Virsec

Why Zymr

Partner With Us

Zymr is a leading JavaScript development services company that develops feature-rich apps. We have developed JavaScript component libraries ripe for micro frontend UI development. Such UI libraries inherit the base UX design system visual styles, typography, brand colors, layouts, and micro-interactivity. We use JavaScript for backend development as well using Node.js and other technologies for scalable services, Lambda serverless functions, and APIs.

Design Studio

We are proud of our UX Design Studio to produce exquisite UX for B2B and B2C markets. Our deep understanding of domains, integrated life-cycle of UI development, best design patterns, and well-architected cloud-native platforms render masterpieces for JavaScript development.

Strategic Methodologies

We deploy strategic methodologies to craft meaningful products. Zymr takes pride in providing development solutions that meet your business objectives. Our teams use JavaScript frameworks and libraries to deliver functional web and mobile apps.

Domain Expertise

We adopt a level-headed approach in creating enterprise-grade, lightweight, and functional apps. Give a dynamic dimension to static apps with an object-based programming language. Develop new-age apps that have HTML and CSS components.

Skilled Engineers

We have excellent skills in using React Native to build mobile apps. Our engineers have demonstrated work experience in JavaScript and keep an eye on innovative research approaches, the latest tech stack, and updates to deliver premier development services.

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