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We develop flexible engagement models for software development that fit your emerging business needs.

Our best breed of solutions and latest tech stack assure the highest value and outcome certainty to help you realize your goals.

Pooling-of-resources (or FTE)
Time-and-material (or NTX)
Digital Transformation
CloudOps IT
SecOps IT
Flexible engagement models for software development
Our Engagement Model Services
Cloud-Native Product Development Services

Achieve cloud-native maturity and experience enhanced DevOps efficiency, speed, and agility in the face of transforming market realities. Get an automated management experience across the private, public, and hybrid cloud with cloud-native. Build, design, and deploy cloud-native apps to get a competitive advantage and drive your business growth with us.

  • Legacy app modernization.
  • Microservice development.
  • Container strategy.
  • DevOps.
Digital Transformation Development Services

Accelerate a cohesive cloud strategy to transform your digital businesses. Define business cases, solution architecture, project planning, operations, and optimization. We deliver high-touch convergent digital transformation services that offer incisive, data-driven, and human-centric experiences.

  • Phase – Discovery and design, migration and modernization, prioritization and planning.
  • Wireframes interaction, design visual, design prototyping, information architecture, taxonomy, and storyboarding user persona.
  • Proof-of-concept.
  • Design-studio.
CloudOps-IT Services

We help you visualize your cloud operations with our CloudOps IT services. Our team manages and simplifies cloud-based operations with best practices and procedures. We are firm proponents of automation from CI/CD pipelines, unit-testing, system-testing, and cloud-operations to help you fulfill your unique requirements.

  • DevOps, ITOps, and DataOps.
  • Multi-cloud visibility and provisioning.
  • Cloud integration of security products.
  • Cloud infrastructure management.
SecOps-IT Services

We help you identify, prioritize, and respond to security threats faster and fix multi-cloud security. Our SecOps IT services strategically integrate processes across IT, security, and risk teams. We provide solutions that can help you manage security vulnerabilities through an automated approach across cloud environments.

  • DevOps.
  • Automated security orchestration and response engine.
  • Infrastructure testing.
  • Multi-cloud environment.

Why Zymr

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Zymr is a leading engagement model service provider that offers two types of Agile engagement models – pooling-of-resources (or FTE) and time-and-material (or NTX) to serve our diverse clients.

Sprint Zero

Zymr uses Sprint-Zero at the start of any project. The period of a week or two to align with clients’ to bootstrap the project. We align the engineering team on the project scope, define ontology, agree upon the software tool stack, development processes, etc. The goals of Sprint-Zero are related to listing project milestones. We use a healthy backlog of user-stories, groomed Sprint-1, alignment of system architecture, tool stack, and processes.


We recommend two-step scoring of effort estimates, macro, and micro for user-stories. Step-one is macro effort estimation using the T-Shirt sizing of a backlog of user stories to manage the project scope. Step-two is micro effort estimation by analyzing groomed stories for upcoming sprints. With Fibonacci sequence, effort estimates are refined from T-Shirt sizing to story-points. We ensure transparency and efficacy in estimating processes.

Agile Tracking

We track Agile development and delivery with ‘sprint velocity’ to measure team productivity. The velocity stabilizes after a few initial sprints as our team builds the development muscles for efficiency. Reasons for fluctuation in the momentum can be unmet dependencies, mid-sprint scope change, leaves, etc. To mitigate the development risks, we communicate contingencies early and conduct retrospectives when the sprint ends.

Agile Delivery

We ensure macro and micro delivery to achieve the milestones seamlessly. On a macro-delivery plane, each release/milestone/sprint has a theme decided by the product owner to communicate a cohesive vision for delivery. On a micro-delivery plane, each user-story has a ‘done-criteria’ that provides a checklist including code-review, unit-testing, and functional testing. We produce a product-increment and create a powerful demo at the end of every sprint.

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Cisco Unified Data center Management

Zymr built a comprehensive data center energy management system focused on Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) metric by gathering real-time energy usage from computation, network, storage, and energy systems of a data center.

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