Flexible engagement models that accelerate your time-to-market.

We offer two types of Agile engagement models - pooling-of-resources (or FTE) and time-and-material (or NTX) to serve our diverse clients - startups, ISVs, and enterprises. Our teams work in offshore, onshore, or nearshore configurations to mesh with your internal teams. Our delivery centers mimic the highest innovation standards of Silicon Valley thus providing greater outcome certainty. With thousands of sprints under our belt, our mature Agile-at-Scale Scrum development processes have been adopted by many of our clients. We are firm proponents of automation - from CI/CD pipelines, unit-testing, system-testing, and cloud-operations. Once we have the green light to start, we will utilize our Sprint-Zero to do a deep-dive on your requirements, distill them into user stories, work with you to prioritize them, define the macro architecture, and related activities for Agile delivery. We organize ourselves in feature-teams and support-teams. Feature teams are responsible for developing features. Support teams provide a common backbone to all the feature teams to meet sprintly objectives.

Our Services


Our Engagement Models

  • Product Teams (FTE Model)

    ‘FTE’ = FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT Our engineers are assigned on a monthly basis to work as full-time resources on our client’s product development projects.

    BUSINESS VALUE OF FTE MODEL An FTE engagement model generates a very high-value for our clients by creating a seamless agile development team. This model improves team velocity, productivity, and domain expertise.

    DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Zymr uses industry-standard agile development processes to manage the execution of this project.

    RESOURCE BILLING Zymr charges the FTE resource pool on a per engineer per month basis.

    TEAM COMPOSITION Our teams assigned in the FTE model are a dedicated and persistent team.

  • Project Teams (NTX Model)

    ‘NTX’ = NOT TO EXCEED Zymr analyzes a reasonably well-defined scope of work of a project and bids to meet these requirements on a not-to-exceed budget with the highest quality and stipulated schedule.

    BUSINESS VALUE OF NTX MODEL The NTX engagement enables our clients to work with Zymr within the known scope, schedule, and budget parameters.

    DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Zymr uses industry-standard agile development processes to manage the execution of this project.

    RESOURCE BILLING Zymr charges NTX projects on a fixed cost basis to meet the agreed-upon scope. Zymr arrives at this not-to-exceed estimates by estimating the development effort in person-hours per user-story.

    TEAM COMPOSITION Zymr pools highly qualified engineers for the NTX model. Unless our client provides ongoing visibility, our teams disband at the end of the project.

Our Agile Execution Approach

  • Flexible Engagements_SPRINT-ZERO


    Zymr uses Sprint-Zero at the start of any project. The period of a week or two to align with clients’ to bootstrap the project. We align the engineering team on the project scope, define ontology, agree upon software tool stack, development processes, and other details. The end goals of Sprint-Zero are related to listing project milestones, we use a healthy backlog of user-stories, groomed Sprint-1, alignment of system architecture, tool stack, and processes.

  • Flexible Engagements_AGILE-SCORING


    Zymr recommends two-step scoring of effort estimates, macro, and micro for user-stories. Step-one is macro effort estimation by using the T-Shirt sizing of a backlog of user stories to get a hold on the project scope. Step-two is micro effort estimation by analyzing groomed stories for upcoming sprints. Using a Fibonacci sequence, effort estimates are refined from T-Shirt sizing to story-points, we ensure full-transparency and efficacy in the entire estimating process.

  • Flexible Engagements_AGILE TRACKING


    Zymr uses best practices to track agile development and delivery with ‘sprint velocity’ as a measure of team productivity. The velocity stabilizes after a few initial sprints, as our team builds the development muscles for efficiency. Some of the reasons for fluctuation in the velocity can be unmet dependencies, mid-sprint scope change, leaves, etc. To mitigate the development risks, we communicate contingencies early and conduct retrospective when the sprint ends.

  • Flexible Engagements_AGILE DELIVERY


    Zymr ensures macro and micro delivery to seamlessly achieve the milestones. On a macro-delivery plane, each release/milestone/sprint has a theme decided by the Product Owner to communicate a cohesive vision for delivery. On a micro-delivery plane, each user-story has a ‘done-criteria’ that provides checklist including code-review, unit-testing, and functional testing, we produce a product-increment, and create a powerful demo at the end of every sprint.

Why Zymr?

  • As an expert plumber of ecosystems, we help you streamline selling strategies across all channels with valuable APIs services.
  • Integrate platforms and apps to quickly launch new business models and achieve unrestrained scalability in your business operations.
  • Leverage our experience in SIEM Integration, Service Desk, Service Monitoring, Datacenter, Networking, Data, Cloud Storage, Cloud Services, Ecommerce, EHR, and CRM.