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Thriving in this disruptive world requires digital businesses to embrace the best CI processes and practices at the development stage.

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CI requires automated testing for build success. Our teams extensively focus on analytics, security, unit, API, and functional tests, among others. Right automated testing tools can help you provide the latest versions of systems and resolution configurations for high-quality products. Improve accuracy, enhance efficiency, and maintain consistency with automated testing in place.

  • We automate the manual steps involved in build and test.
  • We help you embrace automation across the entire dev and test environment.
  • We bring visibility to your software development lifecycle pipelines.
  • We maintain a source repository for your software code.

A solid build automation system is predominant for smooth functioning of a CI/CD pipeline. We follow CI processes that leverage DevOps skills to plan an automated software build and test environment using tools like Jenkins. Businesses get benefited from CI for reliable and high-quality work-product, especially after every sprint or a release milestone. Partner with us to reduce your build time for large software projects.

  • We use top-rated automated build tools like Jenkins, Maven, etc.
  • We ensure that your tests don’t slow down the build.
  • We help you turn source code into software products.
  • We assist you in realizing your ‘release early release often’ goals.

Deployment automation can help you improve performance and drive software delivery. Our goal is to simplify deployment automation as much as possible. We help you release modern features and apps at a robust pace and minimize human intervention in-app deployments. Tools like Jenkins and Ansible allow us to help you deploy apps faster, manage infrastructure, and improve app development productivity. Enable DevOps practices and manage a CI/CD pipeline with deployment automation.

  • We deploy software to testing as well as production environments.
  • We help you leverage automation to minimize risks involved in production deployments.
  • We automate the deployment and configuration of middleware.
  • We package codes that are suitable for deployment, run testing procedures, and automate database migration.

Why Zymr

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Zymr is a leading continuous integration services company that helps you develop superior products. Embrace CI processes and practices at the development stage to win in the disruptive digital environment with us.

Toolkit and Processes

We use tools like Jenkins for CI extensively. Our CI processes manage the entire lifecycle of software as well as manage testing in an automated fashion.

Automation-First Mindset

Our automation-first approach compels us to focus on continuous automation and monitoring across an app’s lifecycle from delivery and deployment.

360-Degree Assistance

We assist your teams to effectively incorporate CI into your delivery processes to focus more on digital innovation, develop faster, and deliver better.

Agile Teams

Our team will help you select and finalize the right tools that fit your environment and integrate them into your process. We assist you in creating an accepting environment.

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AIOperations (AIOps) Automation for Data Centers

Zymr helped FixStream release its first-gen cutting-edge data center operations analytics suite, discover multi-vendor IT networking, compute and storage tiers, and visualize relationships between apps and IT infrastructure.

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