Continuous-Integration Services

Enable continuous integration with DevOps and experience the best collaboration between delivery and operations.

Modern agile development requires embracing the Continuous Integration (CI) process at the inception of development. The CI process leverages DevOps skills to plan an automated software build, and test environment using tools like Jenkins. The benefit to companies in adopting Continuous Integration is a reliable and high-quality work-product all the time, and especially after every sprint and release milestone. Succeeding with Continuous Integration requires planning and automating various phases of software development. Zymr offers companies a solid Continuous Integration DevOps practice to build or enhance their CI process.

Zymr leverages tools like Jenkins for Continuous Integration extensively. Continuous Integration processes manage the full life-cycle of building software and testing in an automated fashion. Starting with source code, Continuous Integration process comprises: (a) Source Code control system (such as Github), (b) software branching process (such as GitFlow) (c) automated code review process (using tools like Gerrit, Code Collaborator), (d) software build automation (using tools like Jenkins, Maven), (e) automated code integrity testing (using tools like Coverity, SonarQube), (f) automated unit testing (using tools like xUnit, Protractor, Karma), (g) automated regression testing (using tools like Robot, Selenium, PyTest), and (f) automated DevOps testing (using Docker, Chef, Puppet).

Our Process


Our Works

  • SIEM Ecosystems Snaps for Splunk and ServiceNow

    Context: A leading CWPP cybersecurity client needed to unify their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) using Splunk or ServiceNow to meet customer requests.

    Solution: Zymr developed an ecosystem framework comprised of base connectors, vendor-specific connectors, and vendor-specific UI applications. This framework was layered on top of our client’s AIOps security management solution which resulted in ready-to-use connectors for Splunk and ServiceNow.

    Value: These ecosystem connectors enabled our client to accelerate sales with their pilot enterprise customers.

  • DevOps Automation for Cybersecurity Analysis

    Context: The secret sauce of our Silicon Valley cybersecurity startup client was its use of an analytics tier that used AI and machine learning to secure enterprise networks. However, our client was unable to auto-scaling such an analytics tier for large scale pilot testing.

    Solution: Zymr worked with our client to design and build a new Kubernetes and Docker-based auto-scaling analytics tier.

    Value: Our client was able to run successful pilot testing in large real-world enterprise environments.