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Automate deployments, builds, and unit tests among many others.

Continuous Delivery has evolved the DevOps practice into a sophisticated art form – merging several IT disciplines including networking, compute, storage, virtualization, data, security, monitoring, configuration, upgrades, and high-availability. Zymr’s DevOps Orchestration service starts by mapping out the desired cloud environment. We help companies build out a Jenkins-based Continuous Integration (CI) environment. We excel at automated testing and help qualify builds coming out of the CI environment, after which the qualified software is packaged for validation in staging environments using tools like Docker, Kubernetes or virtual machine binaries. The relevant packages are then p, ushed into the cloud environment using cloud DevOps orchestration tools like Python, Chef, Puppet, Boto3, etc. Zymr has deep experience in public clouds like Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure. We have also built and supported private cloud deployment using OpenStack, VMware, etc. We are an active member of the Docker Partner program, and use container technologies for both development and production environments.

Our Process


Our Works

  • Automated CI/CD for AWS Cloud Security Solution

    Context: A highly acclaimed cybersecurity startup based in Silicon Valley wanted to automate the deployment of its security probes, AI engine and AIOps security management solution to secure its AWS-based cloud application and Docker-based workloads.

    Solution: Using a sophisticated AWS DevOps approach, Zymr built an automated CI/CD pipeline starting with the auto-discovery of target AWS cloud application clusters followed by deployment of cybersecurity components and monitoring of the target applications.

    Value: Our client significantly enhanced its readiness for securing AWS-based application workloads.

  • Docker Apps for AI and Analytics App Store

    Context: An enterprise AI/Analytics orchestration product company was looking for an addition to their App Store with newer open-source packages.

    Solution: Zymr leveraged its DevOps skillset for packaging Docker-based Apps, such as Spark, HortonWorks, Cloudera, MapR, Kafka, Cassandra and publish them in their App Store.

    Value: This enhanced catalog of apps facilitated our client’s Fortune-100 customers to provision, with ease of one-click, their complex analytics clusters.